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October 02, 2005

Blogosphere covers Bicycling 2

This series is dedicated to a singular quest:

How many bloggers in the Blogrolls of my OTHER blog, Sneakeasy's Joint, and the non-cycling Blog Bloggerverse in general, have written about the Bike, bicycle, bicycles, bicycling, bicyclists, Bikes, cycling, and/or cyclists on their sites, and in what context?

Why not report on any stories I find?

My 1st effort showed that this would be a gold mine. ;-D

Let's continue checking with Instapudit.

So let's start Pedaling!

1. Some folks consider any legislation passed related to Bicycling to be PORK.

In other words, possibly an unneccessary expense.

Some think that the Federal Government should not be in the habit of forking over money for what should be a State, County, or Local responsibility.

As part of a recent, longer, expose, Glen, reports an e-mail he received from someone who found some in Tennessee:

I just reviewed the Tennessee portion of the highway bill, and even being generous by assuming that anything having to do with roads was a valid project, here is a conservative pork estimate of what I found, with project numbers included:

Greenways (Pork)- $8.35 million
Project Nos. 66, 3429, 4953, 4977

Bikes and Trails (Pork)- $17.912 million
Project Nos. 97, 268, 339, 355, 463, 627, 828, 1135, 1832, 2440, 2567, 3252, 3267, 4955, 4958

Transportation Heritage Museums (Pork)- $1.808 million
Project Nos. 1038, 2411, 4975, 391

Miscellaneous (ex. walkways, visitors centers, interpretive centers, Trail of Tears museum)- $19.6 million Project Nos. 1517, 2154, 2212, 4926, 4927, 4933, 4937, 4938, 4949, 4952

TOTAL TENNESSEE PORK: $47.67 million dollars...


2. Did you cringe when you saw THIS picture of  Presidential Candidate John Kerry all decked out for a Bike Ride?

Bush, and Kerry, pedalling around and everyone  has a field day if they so much as stub their toe, or look funny in a riding outfit. ;-D

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