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August 25, 2006

Hey, Typepad, A Bicycle Would Be Quicker!

As everyone with a Typepad Blog knows the Six Apart folks have been adding features related to Technorati Tag creation, and Pinging.

Now, in a fascinating, and revealing, 2 minute Video, that speeds up the lengthy journey, it is finally shown just how all our info gets delivered to Technorati!

If you've set your blog to be publicized, you've got a direct connection to the most popular blog search service, and we make sure your TypePad blog gets priority handling on the way to rest of the web.

After watching the clip all I can say is....

How old school!

A Bike Messenger would be faster! ;-D

And before you ask: The time taken to lock, and unlock, the bike, and the fire hydrant visit by Fido, cancel each other out, still making the Bike Messenger faster. ;-D

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