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March 25, 2007

Guthrie Bicycle 103 Years Young

The possibly oldest Bicycle Retailer in the Western United States has closed its oldest location.

Guthrie Bicycle, of Salt Lake City, made news with this announcement:

Just when Salt Lake City wants more residents to commute by bicycle, downtown's only bike shop - and one billed as the oldest in the West - has closed.
    Guthrie Bicycle, 158 E. 200 South, shuttered at the end of January. Its Sugar House spot, 803 E. 2100 South, remains open.
    While business has been slow since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, shop owner Richard Goddard said that wasn't the reason for the closure.
    Goddard's family, which owns the building that housed the shop, was approached by a buyer. While the structure wasn't for sale at the time, the family agreed to do it.
    Because the building has been in the family since about 1931, the decision was difficult.

Read the full story, by Heather May, of the Salt Lake City Tribune, here.

There is much more to this story, not the least being that while a "Location" has been closed, the ( quite possibly? ) "Oldest Bicycle Retailer in the West" is STILL very much in business, and very proud of its illustrious history.

Built in 1890, the three-story structure is on the National Register of Historic Places and represents commercial architecture prevalent in the Utah Territory in the late 19th century, according to the register nomination form.

The history of the company, and its connection to cycling, goes back as far as 1888, and the current owner of the company is the Great-Grandson of the  man who bought the business in 1926.

I love the History Page of their website!! What makes it special, in my book, is not the written story it tells, which is short, and to the point, but the photos! ;-D

I'd love to have more to read, about their history, but that's only a minor quibble. ;-D

Gene Busbee, of Biking Bis, first brought the story to my attention with a post of his own.

As I told him there is a Retailer in Ontario, CA. that has been around since 1909 ( Bumstead's Website is inactive! ), one in Long Beach, CA. ( Jones ) that has been around since 1910, and there is also 1 in Santa Barbara ( Hazards ) in business since 1914 ( See list in Sidebar. ).

In discussing the longevity issue, I loved the Genealogy-style e-mail he sent me:

Well, maybe the whole thing is a can of worms. That
Trib article mentions that the great grandfather moved
the Guthrie's shop into the building in the '30s, so
it wasn't in the same location since 1904.

In any case, let's follow the bouncing ball here, as
they used to say on the cartoons....

So as far as the history (thanks for the link, I'll
add that), Meredith Bros. started making bikes in Salt
Lake city, then they brought in Guthrie in 1904 and
that made the store Meredith and Guthrie.

Then Manwaring bought the store, kept the name Guthrie
Bicycle Co. (don't know what happened to Merediths)
and it's still in the same family.

Now the great grandpa moves the store into the
location in the 1930s. Move the clock ahead 70-some
years and that store closes.

In the meantime, Guthrie Bicycle Co. opens another
store in Sugarland, which is a neighborhood of Salt
Lake City. That store remains open.

Really, there are lots of ways to dice this up. The
downtown store that closed did have the most direct
link to the original, which started when Guthrie
became a partner in 1904. The Sugarland store is kind
of like a spinoff.

If the store were a tree (bear with me), it sprouted
in 1888 and was grafted in 1904. Then it was
transplanted in the 1930s. Sometime since then it
dropped a seed, which sprouted and survives, while the
original was buzzed sawed down.

Sooooooooooo, the bicycle company might be the oldest,
but the surviving store might not be.

Good. I think I've sufficiently muddied everything up!


As far as I know the next oldest Retailer in the West is the one in Ontario, but the next oldest Retailer with an active website is the one in Long Beach.

Where the oldest Shop "Location" in the West now is is a good question. ;-D

As for the rest of the Guthrie Website:

Once you get past the advertising, and Tips, found on the Home Page, there is some good stuff.

There is a nice Catalog page, with info on items they sell.

An extention of that is an Our Bikes Page that informs you about the brands of bicycles they sell, including ( I like this further connection to Cycling History! ) Raleigh, one of the oldest Bike makers in the world.

Their Links Page is a great collection of resources for Advocacy and Organizations, Bicycle Industry Suppliers, and Bicycle Touring Outfits.

Give the Guthrie Bicycle website, and its History Page, especially, a visit.

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March 23, 2007

Cycling Diplomacy

Recently the Bicyclist in Chief hopped in the saddle again.


In an attempt to reverse his moribund foreign policy, George W. Bush made a surprise visit to China last week. With the Communist government voicing increasing opposition to bellicose US policies towards Iran, Bush grabbed his sunglasses, gloves and helmet to roll with six Chinese foreign ministry officials at the Laoshan Mountain Bike Course for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Read the full piece, and click on the pictures for the larger images, courtesy of Da' Square Wheelman, at Bicycle Diaries.

Hee, hee! ;-D

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Square Wheels and Cycling Pussy Cats

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March 21, 2007

The Bicyclist's Song

You know.... I never wanted to drive a car in the first place!

I...  I wanted to be...


Riding mile after mile!  As motorists are stuck in rush hour traffic!
Alone, or with my club mates by my side!
The Commute!
The Bike Lane!
The Class 1 Trail!
The breeze in our face!
We'd Ride!  Ride!  Ride!

Oh, I'm a Bicyclist, and I'm okay.
I get in the saddle, and I pedal all day.

A diverse group of Cyclists:

He's a Bicyclist, and he's okay.
He gets in the saddle, and he pedals all day.

I wear a helmet. My bike has lights.
My head is safe, and I can see.
On some trips I am stoppin'
At places with a lava-try.


He wears a helmet. His bike has lights.
His head is safe, and he can see.
On some trips he is stopping,
At places with a lava-try.


I'm (He's) a Bicyclist, and I'm (he's) okay.
I (He) get(s) in the saddle and I (he) pedal(s) all day.

My bike has an odometer. I track every mile.
I like to ride for hours.
I even wear colorful shirts with back pockets
In which to stuff energy bars.


His bike has an odometer. He tracks every mile.
He likes to ride for hours.
He puts on colorful shirts with back pockets
In which to stuff energy bars!?


I 'm (He's) a Bicyclist, and I'm (he's) okay.
I (He) get(s) in the saddle and I (he) pedal(s) all day.

I bought a bike, expensive. I wear shoes with cleats,
and work out at the gym, and spa.
I want to be like Lancie,
And win the Tour de France, ha, ha!


He bought a bike expensive. He wears shoes with cleats,
And works out at the gym, and spa!?
(spoken, raggedly)  What's this?  Wants to be like *Lancie*??
Wants to win the Tour de France??? Oh, My!


I 'm (He's) a Bicyclist, and I'm (he's) okay.
I (He) get(s) in the saddle and I (he) pedal(s) all day.

Yes, I 'm (He's) a Bicyclist, and I'm (he's) ok-a-y.
I (He) get(s) in the saddle and I (he) pedal(s) all daaayyyyy!!!


With humble apologies to the masters of the Monty Python Troop, and the performers of The Lumberjack Song! ;-D

At just over 7 minutes you get the Barber Shop set up, the song, and the afterwards.

Michael Palin was brilliant!

What more could you ask for? Life is good! ;-D

I love The Lumberjack Song, and that's ok,

It makes me smile, and laugh, all the live long daaaayyyy!!!! ;-D

Lyrics, so you can sing it yerself! ;-D

***END NOTE***

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March 19, 2007

One Hundred Thousand Visitors!!!

While I spent a few days recuperating from my Series about the Acura Bike Tour, something very special was occuring, behind the scenes, here at The Cycling Dude:

On the evening of March 16th the 100,000th visitor stopped by for a look see.

I have a story about The Cycling Dude,  posted at ABOUT: Bicycling, by Justin Pritchard, on that morning, to thank. ;-D

( About: Bicycling has been added to my Lists of Resources. ;-D )

Because of that wonderful little plug a flood of people came calling that day, 248 in all as of 1044pm, last night, including the magic number. ;-D

I would like to take this opportunity to say a very heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to all 100,400+, and counting, people who have found their way here, over the last 4+ years, and to all who have linked to me, and written about me, as well. ;-D

I have made many friends over the years, due to this place, and I must also extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to those folks as well. ;-D

One more thing: As you may have noticed, the list of States represented in the CYCLE USA List, in the sidebar, is 12 short....

I plan to finally add those to the list by the end of the summer.... BUT would be more than happy to get suggestions for them from readers that I can add, in the meantime, because you may know something I don't. ;-D

And while I'm at it... I've begun a similar State List for EVENTS, as well, so am looking for links similar to what I've already gathered. ;-D

My e-mail is below my photo....

It is all part of my mission to spread the word.... and the word is BICYCLE!

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Share the Road Campaign Pedals Past Signature Goal

This just in from Michelle Kashima of the CA. Share the Road Campaign:

We have reached our goal of 7,500 and are now flowing over with added
signatures.  If you haven’t signed please do! ( CA. Residents Only! )  The petition will remain open until the first plate is on a car. 


What we must do next:  A bill must be authored and supported by a state
legislator to be pushed through all the steps required by the state of
California in Sacramento.  However we are not done, not by a long shot and we
are asking for your help.

Please cut and paste the following and email it directly to YOUR state senator
and assemblyman.  You can find your state representatives for your district at
the following websites: Here, and here.

We need to get the attention of all the California state representatives that
this special interest plate is VERY important to us all and will SAVE LIVES
through education and hopefully stiffer penalties to those who hit us!

The letter to email ( You may send your own if you would like, but please send
one! ):

To my state representative,

I am in support of the special interest license plate “Share the Road” and I am
requesting that this plate be established and available for purchase.

Our state representatives have told us that we needed 7,500 supporters for the
DMV to even consider such a plate.  The cycling community of California has
spoken and we now have over 7,500 signatures located at:


If we have the support to make this profitable for the DMV and the expense is
covered by the plate cost then this special interest plate should not be
ignored.  We are tired of cyclists being injured or killed by motorists that do
not obey the law, or are ignorant to the law because it is not taught in driver
education or the DMV handbook.   The proceeds of this plate must go to help
educate everyone of their responsibility to share the road and impose a stiffer
penalty for those who do not.


Congratulations to the Campaign, and to all my fellow signers of the petition! ;-D

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March 13, 2007

Historic Italian Bike Shop 112 years old!

Thanks to an encounter with a cyclist at the Acura Los Angeles Bike Tour, on March 4, I discovered the existence of one of the oldest Bike Shops in the world.

Detto Pietro, of Milan Italy, opened for business in 1895.

I love the description that opens the History page on their English Language website:

The national and international image of the Detto Pietro firm comes from an history which begin one hundred years old with the introduction by the establisher Detto Sante of a great innovation in the cycling world: the shoes for racing bikes.

The Detto Pietro was founded in the far 1895, as a firm of innovation in a phase of big technical and cultural changes, from the cinema of the Lumière's brothers, to the first pneumatics Michelin, to the first biennial of Venice. The shop placed in the heart of Milan showed the little shoes which in all over the world are become the standard for cycle racing.

A bike, and cycling shoe manufacturer, with a proud history.

Part of the charm of the website is the fractured use of English as seen on the "Why to Contact Detto Pietro?" page. ;-D

The use of photos on this site is well done, especially the pride of place of the one showing the original store ( ? ), and leads me to hoep that someday they can be persuaded to set up a page of photos proudly sharing the illustrious history of the company, its locations, its personel, and its products.

A section of Italian related Cycling links, geared to tourists interested in Touring Italy, or just individual cities, is something i was disappointed not to find.

But those are just very minor concerns.

I am very honored to include a link to Detto Pietro, as the 1st Non-American Shop in my Honor Roll of Elderstatesmen of the Bicycling Industry, as seen in my sidebar. ;-D 

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Acura Bike Tour: Dining, Diplomacy, and Dissent

NOTE: For latecomers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( And includes the chapters about my day at the Quality of Life Expo. )

NOTE 2: For latecomers interested in my coverage of the 2007 Acura L.A. Bike Tour only, begin here.

After leaving the aftermath of the Tour I went in search of food.

I rode my bike on an uphill journey, northwest of Downtown, to the fabled corner of Beverly and Rampart.

It is there that, for over 60 years Burgers, Hot Dogs, and French Fries, have intermingled, in orgasmic nirvana, with the most divine Chili ever made.

So special that to sit down to eat would be blasphemy!

I had only 1 place in mind, diet be damned!


Original Tommy's! Accept no substitutes! Unless, of course it is one of its other 29 locations in Southern California ( You are forgiven for the sin of sitting ONLY if you eat your meal at one of these locations. ( If you take your meal home, especially from the Beverly location... Bow your head before the meal, cross yourself, and say 10 Hail Tommy's, before eating, and all will be forgiven!) ;-D

I hadn't been to this location in years!

I got a little entertainment, in the way of a Hispanic Domestic Drama, with my meal, too. ;-D

I was in line when 5 teens ( 4 girls, and a guy, all about 16. ) got in line behind me.

One of the girls said she was just gonna order the meat patty.

I turned toward with an appalled look on my face...

"Just the meat! Just the meat?  What the heck is you thinkin' woman? You DON'T come to Tommy's just for the MEAT!

I'll have you know I came all the way from Santana, and I didn't come just for the meat!"

As they all busted out laughing, I turned to the guy making the burgers, and pleaded:

"Hey! Talk to this young lady, will you, man? She only wants to order the MEAT!! Please explain to her the error of her ways!"

Anyway, it turned out to be the happiest moment of their stop at Tommy's.

They came over to my spot along the wall of stand up counters, where I had been chatting with a nice older Hispanic man and his wife, about the Tour, and set their orders on the counter.

Next thing I know one of the gals is upset as the guy gets in the car, and leaves them all standing there.

I guess one of the Girls called her Mother for a ride, and then that mother called another Mother, and this led the girls to try to co-ordinate the story of why they had been out ALL NIGHT.

Something about ending up sleeping together at a hotel, led them to try to pinpoint a suitable hotel in the area, whose name, and location, they could be vague about.

I heard comments about Mom's going to be "pissed", and "I'm going to be SOOO screwed!"

Suddenly a car pulls up, and The Wrath of God, in the form of a fiery, tiny, Mexican Mama, probably about 35, gets out.

She wades into the circle of girls...

"Never again!" Never again, Mijo! You will NEVER go out with them again!! Get in the car, now!!"

2 of the girls got in, leaving the other 2 stunned, and depressed, where they stood.

They were silent for another 10 minutes, then a van pulls up with a couple of other women, including 1, about 50 or so, who had obviously been crying, and the girls got in.

All the food had been long forgotten, and left behind.

During this who drama, I,  on one side, and my 2 new acquaintances, on the other, could only watch.

Actually I picked up my book, and pretended to be reading as I ate..... ;-D

After the dust had settled, and they were gone, we looked at each other, and I smiled, and said....

"Man, that was one furious Mama! If South Central, and East LA, had more like her, that inner city would be cleaned up in a hurry!"

The gentleman smiled at that, and made the point that the guy in the group was trouble, and the young must learn from their mistakes.

He agreed with my observation that the Mama obviously looked like she had once made the same mistakes, and was trying to keep her daughter from doing the same.

After this bit of excitement I head out for Hollywood, on the Metro Red Line Train, to ride down Hollywood Blvd., from Vine west to Graumann's Chinese Theatre, and the Kodak Theatre, near Highland.

Along the few blocks around this intersection of entertainment venues can be found some enterprising men, and women, dressed to appear as famous characters in film.

Give them a nice little tip, and you can get your picture taken with your favorite. ;-D


Look closely at where I'm pointing the Blaster.

I didn't realize it until I got home, and saw the picture.

No wonder Darth was so friendly, and co-operative! ;-D

In a bit of masterful Intergalactic Diplomacy I got a Wookie to take the above photo.


When I returned to the Metro Station, near Hollywood, and Vine, I encountered  a staple of the Los Angeles Cycling Scene.

Critical Mass is the best known element of the Bike Protest Movement in LA, but hardly the only protestors around who use the Bicycle to spread their various messages.


A small group of a dozen cyclists, 1 of whom wielded a Microphone, had staked out the corner of this busy intersection, across from the Pantages Theatre, for an hour in preperation for their little protest ride.


I must say they were a friendly bunch. ;-D

The guy with the microphone rushed up upon seeing me, stuck the mike in my face, and asked me about the Dude.

Boy, that Microphone is loud, and the sound carries quite a distance. ;-D

So, finally, I headed home, tired, but happy, after a very long, and interesting day. ;-D

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March 12, 2007

Acura Bike Tour: The Medal, The Surprise, and The Networking

NOTE: For latecomers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( And includes the chapters about my day at the Quality of Life Expo. )

NOTE 2: For latecomers interested in my coverage of the 2007 Acura L.A. Bike Tour only, begin here.


There it is!

The pretty litle bauble that is your reward for riding the full 21.6 miles, mastering hills, tiredness, and the pain in your legs on a sunny Sunday morning in Los Angeles. ;-D


Many thanks are owed to the members of the Redondo Union High School Marine Corps Jr. ROTC, of Redondo Beach, CA., for the Civil Service they provided in helping to pass out the medals to bicyclists who completed the ride.

Your friendliness, good humor, dedication, and patriotism, are greatly appreciated, and bode well for the future of our great nation.

Bike_t20_1  Similar thanks are also owed to the members of the University of Southern California Naval ROTC for their help in this task as well.

I especially got a chuckle from this guy who demonstrated the genius that his high priced college edumication has instilled in him by devising a brilliant way to pass out medals in a quick, and efficient, manor that led to the line moving faster. ;-D

Bike_t21_1This picture allows me to give you a closer look at the, um, adjustments I had made to the posters I snagged at the Expo ( Crossing out the word RUN, in exchange for BICYCLE, and writing in my blog name, and URL. )

Thanks are also due the volunteers who manned several stations where people could safely leave their bikes while going potty, checking out the various booths, nearby, and and generally realxing, and chatting with friends, family, and other cyclists.

For the next few hours people hung out, eating, chatting, relaxing, buying the odd T-shirt, and other items, and enjoying the day.

I kept my bike close to me, as I circled the area, not intending to stick around too long, as I had other places I wanted to go.

Bike_t29_1 The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition had a booth, and I snatched up a copy of the brand new edition of its Bicycle Resource Guide.

When I visited their office, a few months ago, and they added me to their resource page on the website, the new guide was not yet ready.

As described on their website:

"Our new handbook on everything you need to know about biking in L.A. – includes shop listings and government contacts by city, advocacy groups and cycling clubs, tips and tricks for maintaining your bike and getting around the city, and a guide to bike laws and advocacy. Forty-six pages of essential information."

Later in the day, when I had time to look thru the booklet, I discovered, to my surprise, and great pleasure, something quite delightful.


Yes, that is The Cycling Dude listed as a Local Community Resource! ;-D

Very cool! ;-D


This picture gives you sense of the number of people hanging out in the aftermath of the ride.

See the guy, relaxing on the wall, with his legs crossed? ;-D

I stopped by the REI booth, and mentioned that I was a member who got his card at the Huntington Beach Store, and I found myself in conversation with Lyndie Bradshaw, who works out of that store and, it turns out, is the new Outreach Specialist for the area.

When I mentioned my Blog, and my intention to see about leaving a flier at the store, I learned what her job was, and she asked me to tell her about the Blog, and e-mail her my flier.

Seems that while it can't be set out near the Bulletin Board in the front of the store, there was some other prominent place it could be displayed, if she decides its appropriate. ;-D

Since she was also looking to learn more about the bicycling opportunities in the OC, I told her about the related stories, and resources, I offer.

Very cool! ;-D

In appreciation of her at lesast chatting with me, and as a show of suppott from a member, I created a free BlogAd, in the sidebar.

I finally left, and headed out on my bike for the ride north to one of my favorite restuarants for lunch.

Turns out things would be quite, um, entertaining there, and later, when I took a jaunt up to Hollywood Blvd. before finally heading home.

Next up -- Dining, Diplomacy, and Dissent: An OC Bicyclist gets up close with the natives in their natural environment.

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March 11, 2007

Acura Bike Tour: Downtown, Koreatown, Trojantown

NOTE: For latecomers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( And includes the chapters about my day at the Quality of Life Expo. )

NOTE 2: For latecomers interested in my coverage of the 2007 Acura L.A. Bike Tour only, begin here.

After a nice downhill off the 6th St. Bridge we head north, west, and south, on Central Ave., 3rd St., and Los Angeles St..

The area along Los Angeles St., and eastward to the LA River, and between maybe Temple, on the north, and 7th on the south, encompased an area long known as LA's infamous Skidrow.

It was not always as bad as you hear.

Once there was a huge Transit Hub near 5th and Los Angeles, where all Mass Transit Bus Agencies, and even Greyhound Busses, came and went, until sometime in the 70's.

It had some fine eating there, too.

The underground  terminal was a mysterious, and entralling, place to a child, and later, teen with a vivid imagination, but toward the end signs of trouble had begun to show themselves, and change came to the area.

The area was also called The Warehouse District.

The homeless took over, and decay, and crime ruled the streets in some portions.


In recent years, City Hall, Law Enforcement, and Business Interests have begun to reclaim the area, by bringing residential lofts to long abandoned historic buildings all over the Downtown, and bringing in restuarants, clubs, and a developing Arts District, as well and, as we rode through, the homeless problem was barely discernable, for 1 day at least.

As we passed small groups of the areas poorer residents watching us, watching them, we then headed west on 7th, past the Jewelry District, the second-largest Jewelry District in the nation, after New York, and then up Figueroa to meet up with 6th St. again.


Seems that we were all being buttered up with all the flat riding, the 2 bridges notwithstanding. ;-D

There we are, turning west onto 6th, and suddenly things began to slow down a bit, as everyone who did not know what was coming either ended up struggling to change their gears, for the easy climb, resigned themselves to managing the climb at the gear they were in, or just saying "I Surrender!", and walking their trusty steed up the hill, over the freeway. ;-D

I switched gears in time and as I slowly conquered the hill, kept encouraging my fellows not to give up!

"Come on, You can do it! It ain't THAT hard, come on!" ;-D

What even I had forgotten was that 6th, as it heads west into Koreatown, has several hilly stretches, made tolerable by several downhills.


Just look that!

Block, after block, after block, of nothing but bicyclists as far as the I can C! ;-D

As I continued on my merry way I met some interesting folks.

There were the many cyclists out for their 1st Tour, and the men, and women, with funny hats.

There were the older men in their recumbents, and the men, and women, with their young children, on tandems, who got laughs out of my inquiring if the one in back ( The kid ) was doing all the work. ;-D


As we rode thru some residential areas we began to realize that the ride would soon be coming to an end.

With any ride that has so many participants there are always a few mishaps.

Cyclists crash into each other, or crash when going too fast on a crowded downhill.

People get so caught up in the experience, and gawking at the scenery, and matters are made more difficult by the fact that many cyclists are not used to riding in groups of other riders.

Bike_t17It is amazing that accidents are so few .

And then real tragedy strikes when you least expect it.

On Expostion Blvd., west of Vermont Ave. a few blocks short of finishing the ride, a bottleneck has developed.

As we get off our bikes, and walk past the police, fire truck, and ambulance, we see a downed bike, but no rider.

I later learn that the cyclist had suffered a heart attack, and died.

Unawares of the true nature of the scene we had just passed excitement built up as we again got on our bikes, and finished the ride.

Things slowed down again as we arrived at USC, and everyone got off their bikes to slowly walk into the after ride staging area.


Security kept urging us to not stop, but I pulled over to the left out of the the way of traffic and, pleading the cause of the "New Media", asked if i could take a shot for my blog.

The nice security lady thus announces, LOUDLY, i might add, and with humor in her voice....

"Don't stop, keep going... unless you are a blogger taking a picture, then you can stop for just a second! "

Hee, hee. ;-D

And so, after 2 hours, exactly, I had finished my 3rd Acura Bike Tour.

I was tired, but exhilirated, from the experience.

And proud, too, I might add, to have accomplished something that, once published on my Blog, would be something special in my 4 years of sharing my thoughts, and experiences.

Next up: The Medal, The Surprise, and The Networking.

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