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September 23, 2007

Bellevue Bicycling BookCrosser Tells of 1st Successful Hunt

Claire Petersky (Cpetersky), has been a Bookcrosser since 2002, and has a website called Bicycling Meditations.

That wonderful place is the thoughtful, and thought-provoking, site for the members of the Congregation of the Spoked Wheel - "those  who sit in meditation, not just in the pew, or on a Zafu, but the saddles of their bikes."

In 2005 she wrote an essay for BookCrossing about the experience of "Hunting" for a book, and her 1st "Catch" of a book in the "Wild".

She had gone Hunting many times, when she got the Alert that a book was Released somewhere reachable by her:

I have talked to cheery baristas and grumpy security guards, asked them to look behind counters and in boxes, hoping that the errant book was either found or put away somewhere. As soon as a book gets released on the bus, the next day I've called up Metro Transit's Lost and Found, hoping that this time, the book will turn up.

Of course she was always too late to be the Catcher. ;-D

Then, one day, a miracle happened. ;-D

I happened to take a look at the "Go Hunting" page for Seattle. I was at work, downtown, and I had some errands to run on my bike around the U-District up to Lake City when work was done.

I happened to notice that one of the places to which books had just been released was at a laundromat at 25th and 55th. That was about 5 blocks from one of my errands, and surely I could make a brief diversion to see if any of the books were still there.

So off she pedaled on her trusty steed....

I would not have made the decision she did, though. ;-D

When I discovered that 8 books Released yesterday at my local Pet Shop were still on the premises, this morning, I took them all, and set them free again, at different locations in the surrounding area, over the next 2 hours. ;-D

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