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March 07, 2008

The Cycling Cat: Reporting the Wild Side of Bicycling

It is 7am, and you are pedaling down a Class 1 Multi-use Trail, and can't help but notice that, my, my, there seem to be more than a few stray cats about today...


You are pedaling along some rugged mountain trail, nervously attuned to the slightest movement in the bushes on either side of the road because you remember the tragic attacks by the big cats known to prowl about, but who, statistically, prefer to keep away from the human intruders to their domain...

Yes, dear reader, cyclists, and cats have always encountered each other on the trail, and on the street, and always will.


Hello, dear reader, my name is Nikita, and I am 10 years old this week.

The human you know as The Cycling Dude has been my life long companion, and bosum buddy, and I have also been his co-blogger for years, first at 1 blog he retired last year, after 5 1/2 years, and now at his new place, Musings of a Mad Macedonian.


If you want to learn more about me, and see more great pictures of me, you can go to the archive at Daddy's Blog, a blog within the blog that I call Nikita's Place, where, by scrolling up and down, you can explore all that I have written. ;-D

You can even go to Daddy's Main page and explore the rest of the blog if you wish. ;-D

What am I doing here?

For the next 11 days Daddy will be very, very, busy, and so he asked me to fill in for him, and keep you entertained and informed. ;-D

Daddy will explain everything, when he returns to blogging, I promise. ;-D

So, let's roll!

1. Bicyclsts in New York say..."Get Involved Ya' Bums!"

The Fats in the Cats Bicycle Club is a fun bunch of cyclists that look for ways to foster cycling and community. The club organizes group rides and performs trail maintenance as well as giving back to the community through our Gifts for the Holidays program and being advocates for bicycling.

A news page, a photo page, forums, trail, and route info galore, and lots of links to NY, and New England Resources can be found on this site.

2. Bicyclists in Texas echo the above sentiments, but with a very different accent. ;-D

The Cool Cats Cycling Club, of San Antonio,  is a recreational road-riding club in which all levels of rider and all types of bikes are welcome...

They don't care if you ride a road bike, hybrid, tandem, or a MTB because "We go slow, stop frequently, and have lots of fun! No rider is ever left behind. We'll push you up hills, help fix your flats and teach you all there is to riding a bike properly and safely."

They participate in several charity bicycle events throughout the year, and are active in other ways in their community.

The website has forums, photos, and plenty of ride info, and more.

3. Large Cat attempts to ride a bicycle. ;-D

4. Cats very interested in Bicycling and Pedestrian Issues in Northern Illinois.

5. Coalition for Appropriate Transportation (CAT)

CAT improves mobility,
celebrates our community and the environment
through education about
safe pedestrian access,
public transportation,
and our trail systems.

Based in Pennsylvania this fabulous organization is an educational charity that works to improve mobility for everyone.

It believes that improved walking, bicycling and transit mean a stronger economy, and a higher quality of life.

It believes more transportation choices mean less congestion, reduced pollution, fewer auto crash deaths and life changing injuries.

It believes that curbing the  use of the automobile fights suburban sprawl, obesity and increasingly high medical costs.

CAT helps humans enjoy their car free options!

The information, from news, walking and cycling tips, to places to walk and ride, and more, is extensive.


Well, that's all for today!

Let Daddy know what you think, I'll be back tomorrow. ;-D

In the mean time...I'm going to go take a well-deserved nap. ;-D

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