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January 16, 2009

Gwadzilla Celebrates 5 Years BikeBlogging With Washingtonian Interview

In October 2003, another powerful voice in the, then, fledgling Community of BikeBloggers, joined me online: Joel Gwadz, AKA Gwadzilla.

Only I didn't know about it yet. ;-D

October 17th:

To BLOG or not to BLOG....this should not be a pressing question. It is free. So why not try it out and see how it goes. It can drift off into the GREAT WEB ABYSS if I choose not to continue it (much like several of the other free web hostings I have gotten involved with in years prior.)

He wondered what to expect from getting involved in this...

Wondered where it would lead, and what he wanted to accomplish.

He asked, in his 2nd post, the simple question that we all asked ourselves when we began: "Am I so desparate to have my voice be heard that I shout nothing to no one?"

It may have seemed weird to him back then but, luckily for all of us,  after that 1st post, he chose to continue.

His 1st month had stories about racing, and poetic accounts of cycling related events from his past, but, for me, the best post from that month is one that discusses a very simple question:

As as bicycle commuter there can never be the question, "to ride or not to ride," as it is unsafe to ask that question.....

Each day offers a myriad of excuses for not riding...
-It is TOO HOT.
-It is TOO COLD.
-It it TOO WET (as it is today and was yesterday.)
-It is too nice outside.
-I am running TOO LATE.
-I just don't feel like it.

Giving way to any of these excuses will lead the commuter down a difficult path where they try and hand pick their days for riding to work. Which will become more difficult to select as a new list of excuses enter the equation.

Read the rest of the essay, here.

I didn't discover him until April 2004. ;-D

DC Blogger Writes About Bicycling

I've written about him many times since, have him in my blogroll, corresponded by e-mail, heard his voice over the phone, and came oh, so close to meeting with him in a crowded park in DC on my vacation last spring. ;-D

I am glad to call him one of my friends in the Bike Blogging Community.

That leads me to the 2nd purpose of this post...

On Wednesday the Capitol Comment Blog, a respected resource on the influential Washingtonian.com, interviewed Joel in a wide-ranging, informative piece that is must reading for anyone interested in knowing more about Joel, and about cycling in DC.

The husband and father of two has found an audience among local cyclists, bicycle enthusiasts, and couriers. He calls his blog “an electronic cocktail party,” where, for the past five years, he’s shared information about Washington-area cycling and hoped to inspire people to ride.

Gwadz, a mountain biker at heart, lives in DC’s Mount Pleasant. Every day, he commutes by bike to his job to at 20th and M streets, Northwest, and he tries to squeeze in longer weekend rides outside of the city whenever possible.

Read the full piece here.

To celebrate the new year, and encourage you to check the photos, and essays, of Gwadzilla, here are 3 faves from this month so far:

1. Ah.... the day is behind me

Yesterday as I rode my bicycle into work I thought about a post on URBAN CYCLING...

2. Car Condoms??? ;-D

3. Tired...there is no good tired.

Happy Anniversay Joel! ;-D

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thanks for the kind words

your retrospect is a good one

I had not realized it had been five years


thanks again for the kind words

keep blogging

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