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June 13, 2009

Possible Beer Bike Ban Bums Blissfull Bicyclists

A Bicycle Built for 10 is causing concern in Amsterdam.



Actually...some of these contraptions can apparently accomodate up to 22 people.

Oh, and when you toss in a Karaoke Machine... (See Link below). ;-D

There are lots of the contraptions on the street in this, um, Forward Thinking, city.

The bike, which can seat at least 10 people around a central "bar" as they pedal through the city center, is a frequent sight in the Dutch capital and is said to be popular with stag and hen (bachelor and bachelorette) parties. A non-drinker steers the bike.

But two accidents involving the bikes since the start of April has prompted the city councilor responsible for transport, Hans Gerson, to investigate how many bikes there are and whether they pose a problem.

For a look at an example of the beast go here. ;-D

For more on this story go here.

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After watching the video about the beer bike I have only one question? - Where is the john? :)

Posted by: Gerhard | Jun 14, 2009 12:46:18 PM

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