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July 21, 2009

Lorry, Lorry, on the Street, Our Goal of Safety Help Us Meet

The increase in the number of cyclists sharing the roads in Great Britain is causing problems.

An interesting story from the London Evening Standard illustrates one such problem:

A thousand free safety mirrors are to be handed out to lorry drivers in the City, in an attempt to halt the rising number of cyclists being killed.

Police and Corporation of London staff will stop drivers entering the Square Mile at checkpoints and hand out the stick-on mirrors. The “Fresnel” lenses are fitted to the cab window so drivers can see cyclists on the passenger side of the lorry. Without these, drivers have a blind spot which has been blamed for a string of fatal accidents involving cyclists and left-turning lorries across London.

7 cyclists killed in less than 5 months, 6 of them women (No jokes about Crazy Women Cyclists, please! Safety is a serious matter, and it should not matter the gender of the dead, and injured.)?

Cyclists will also be stopped at the checkpoints and given free high-visibility belts, as well as road safety leaflets. “Our message is: don't ride out into that suicide space',” said Matthew Collins, the corporation's road safety officer. Latest figures show 17 cyclists were killed or seriously injured last year, compared with eight in 2000.

An interesting, yet heated, conversation is going on in the comments to this article.

Free lorry mirrors to stop cycle deaths.

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Interesting idea.

Would be good to know whether the initiative proved worthwhile.

Posted by: hg | Nov 13, 2009 5:51:27 AM

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