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February 22, 2010

Cyclist Doing Detto Pietro Vintage Restoration Looking for Info

In March 2007 I did a story on one of the oldest Bike Shops in the world.

Detto Pietro, of Milan Italy, opened for business in 1895.

I added a link to their website in my Elder Statesmen, and Women, of the Industry List in the sidebar (Stories about the inductees can be explored here.).

The other day I received an e-mail from Matt, of the blog Bike Nelson, alerting me to a project of his.

The various photos of the vintage bike he is restoring are cool, especially the one showing off the bike in its entirety.

He gives a little backround on the bike, and his pland for it, and a list of Component Parts.

He is asking for any help, and advice he can get from other cyclists.

As he writes on his blog:

"Repeated attempts to contact DP and find out more about the frame results only in returned, undelivered emails. Internet research finds very little information or documentation about Detto Pietro frames from the 1980's. They seem to be more well known for cycling shoes and helmets and the days of bike racing seem to be a lost period of time."

Read: Detto Pietro Restoration.

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Not too hard to find. www.dettopietro.com

Detto Pietro Store
Via Vittorio Veneto, 8
20124 - Milano - Italia

Come to visit our store or contact us by:

Telephone +39-02-29405018
Fax +39-02-29406891
e-mail dettopietro@dettopietro.com

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