March 26, 2010

Vacation Begins with Meeting with Friend of this Blog

Last Saturday was a great day for me, full of interesting conversation, some walking along the beach, photography, pizza, and whiskey dolloped coffee. ;-D

I had the great pleasure to finally meet Randy Eady, of Glider Rider, Seat and Feet, and Ko Sha  Rey Rythms, a supporter of this blog, and someone who I have blogged about many times over the years, and also Stephen Dolle, a Neuroscientist &  Percussionist.

I will be  blogging about the day, sharing pictures, and about the work of both men, soon.

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March 08, 2010

A Life Long Cyclist Turns 50


Early in the morning of March 5, 1960, my Mother postponed my insistence...and she, and my Father, went to the Hospital where I made my Grand Entrance into the world at exactly 8:33am.

My Mug Shot was taken 30 minutes later.

No, I then didn't hop on a tricycle, and pedal the 10 miles home. ;-D

During my first 6 months of life I had other interests than bicycling if you can believe it! ;-D

In fact I learned to walk, talk, and was potty trained, before I rode a tricycle for the first time. ;-D

There are more pictures, and thoughts, some humorous, some serious, on my other blog:

Turning the Big 50: A Celebration in Pictures

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February 16, 2010

If You Kiss Twitterdom Assembled Good-Bye Will Your Followers Notice?

I had a few a few hundred followers of my couple of hundred Tweets, over the past year, and I regularly checked out a couple hundred of my fellow Bike Twits, but nothing really came of it all.

Every post I made on this blog got posted as a Tweet by The Cycling Dude, but few people noticed, even when the stories deserved notice.

My stats showed little traffic from Twitter.

So this morning I deleted the account.

No announcement, or fanfare, just POOF! Gone!. ;-D

My Cat has more followers, and more interaction on Twitter, as well as more traffic from Twitter to his blog. ;-D

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January 27, 2010

Taking the Camera Along to Help the Cat with His Blog


Effective New Years Day my 12 year old Cat, Nikita, began to run his own blog, Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat, after over 7 years as a co-blogger on my blogs. ;-D

One ongoing series of posts is a collaborative effort.

I take the camera along on my travels, keeping an eye out for Cats outdoors...doing whatever Cats choose to do outdoors, whether Ferals, or Indoor Cats who venture outside.

You have no idea how many Cats there are roaming the streets until you start deliberately looking for them. ;-D


It  has been absolutely fascinating to encounter the Cats, and take notes on what I see, and learn.

The Cats, so far, have all been in Long Beach, seen on my afternoon commute to work.



Nikita incorporates my notes into his commentary on the scenes depicted by the pictures, and readers are loving it. ;-D

Street Seens: Outdoor Cats as Seen Thru the Lens of the Daddy Cam - 3 Photos.

Street Seens 2: Heading for the Alley, and the Mystery of the Phantom Feline - 3 Photos.

Street Seens 3: The Lady and The Rogue - 4 Photos.


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January 15, 2010

Happy New Year! Um, Sorry, I'm Late...

Happy New Year!!

Party, Party, Par..., um, hey, where did everyone go?

Yet, again, the success of the new blog for my Cat, Nikita, pre-occupied our time the last 2 weeks.

7 posts since the start of December is way below my standards.

Not that anyone noticed I was missing, and sent out a search party. ;-D

My  Averages forTraffic have stayed the same:

85 Page Loads, 71 Unique Visitors, 69 First Timers, 2 Returns.

Sadly, when most of those coming here are via Google Searches that's not hard to do.

I had my Annual Physical, last month, and the results were a mixed bag.

Aside from High Total Cholesterol, and High Bad Cholesterol, and my weight, and a very low Vitamin D Level...I'm fine. ;-D
Total Cholesterol is at 220, and should be under 200.
Bad Chol is at 149, and should be less than 130.
My Vitamin D-3 level is extremely low, so low that the Doc was concerned.
I weighed 193, this morning, and should weigh closer to 160.
Doc asked if I wanted to consider meds, but I said I want to work on improving my diet, and start taking Vitamins again.
I had 2 near full bottles of Vitamins in my Medicine Cab, and 6 empties.
To my bottles of Cal-Mag (1000/500 MG), and CoQ10 (60MG) I added bottles of:
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM Complex (1000/500/500)
D3-5 (5,000 IU)
C  (500MG)
Saw Palmetto (160mg)
Omega-3 ( Fish Oil 1000MG + 180mg of EPA & 120mg DHA)
A Multi-Vitamin
I've got to learn to cook more for myself, and eat out less, or at least do so healthier when I do.
I also need to get out on the bike more.
Aside from my 10 miles a day bike riding to, and from, work almost everyday I found little opportunity to do the long rides this blog has been known to write about in years past and, for that, I am truly sorry...not just for me, but for my fans, the few folks I know who check in from time to time, because they enjoy my writing.
I aim to do better in 2010.

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December 30, 2009

No, The Cycling Dude Didn't Crash His Trusty Steed into a Parked Car...

Or get lost while Bike Commuting, either!

The last 2 weeks saw my Cat take over the computer...

Honest! ;-D

As this year comes to a close I've been thinking about where I want to take my blogging in 2010.

As regular readers of my other blog know my cat, Nikita, is my Co-Blogger.

He did a lot of posting this month, what with the annual visit to the vet, his 2nd YouTube Video, exchanging Christmas Gifts with fellow Critter Bloggers, and hosting Carnival of the Cats.

After 7 years I finally decided to set him off onto a blog all his own, in the new year, and the last week has been taken up with setting things in motion at the new blog.

I will return to Bike Blogging in the new year.

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December 05, 2009

Pedaling Past the Squirrels of Long Beach

On my way to work I pedal past a Golf Course in Long Beach where the squirrels amuse themselves, in between nut hunting, by nut watching, as in the Golf "Nuts" on the course.

These critters just sit there, yards away from the golfers, and it's an amusing sight. ;-D

A few miles on I pass an urban pocket park, off Ocean Blvd., in which the critters are out there amid the hustle, and bustle, of the park, ever alert for the people walking their Dogs, so that they can hop a tree trunk until they move on.

As long as you don't have a Dog along you can actually get pretty close to the critters.

The other day I stopped 10 feet from one Squirrel, and started whistling for its attention.

It stopped, turned around, and stood on its hind legs, for 3 minutes, staring at me....probably mumbling to itself something along the lines of "What the #!^% ? ;-D

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November 30, 2009

Ending BlogAds and Google AdSense to Focus More on Amazon

As regular readers know I've long had advertising on my blogs.

After years of offering people the opportunity for BlogAds, and allowing Google AdSense to advertise as well...I've made the decision to end both.

The decision wasn't all that hard to make.

In 4 years I think I've only had 6 BlogAds on my blogs, all on this blog, and 4 of them created by me to promote a site I liked.

GoogleAds took 3 years to earn me my first $100 check, and it would be 2011 before I'd get another. ;-D

Being an Amazon Associate has been nicer to me, at least in the number of people who make purchases by going to Amazon thru my links.

Over the years I've been approached by people wanting to put banner ads on my blogs, and go into partnerships of all sorts that make me wonder how much they explored my blogs, and the links to my traffic stats. ;-D

I plan on sticking with what I know, and understand, and expand from there.

That means utilizing what Amazon has to offer in ways I've not done before, and see what happens.

I will be adding more books to the Cycling Dude Recommends Amazon Box in the sidebar.

I also plan to explore making an Amazon Associate Store in the next couple of weeks to promote all my various interests as explored in my blogs.

I'm a cyclist, an urban hiker, a poet/writer, a genealogist, a music lover, a film buff, a classic TV series lover, history buff, book lover, and more, and I think I can create a shopping environment that would appeal to people with similar interests.

It is my hope that, if people like the content of my blogs, that they are encouraged to show that appreciation by going to shop at Amazon thru the links on my blog, and maybe even take a chance on something I recommend.

Will I be able to retire early due to all this Greedy Capitalistic Activity on my part?

Nope! ;-D

But I do hope to do better than I've done up to now, and maybe, eventually, make enough money to help pay for my use of Typepad, and my Domain Names, each year, and maybe have something extra left over, to boot!

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September 20, 2009

It's a Hot Time on the Old Bike Commute

Anyone know when Summer will officially end?

I do 5 miles a day as part of my commute to work, from Santa Ana to Long Beach, all of it in LB, in 100 degree afternoon heat.

The late night return 5 miles, is in 85 degree heat.

What's the old saying?

What doesn't kill you, is good for you? ;-D

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August 16, 2009

Cycling Dude About to Go Ultra Flippin' Crazy and Become YouTuber!

At least that is my plan, and hope.

Yes, Cycling Dude Nation, Fearless Leader has decided to attempt to join the 21st Century, at long last. ;-D

Oh, MY GOD!!! Head for the hills!!!!

I know, I know, what the hell took me so long?

Afterall, I've been blogging since 2003, for crying out loud, and so many who have followed in my tire tracks have taken to YouTube, and Podcasting, like fish to water.

But not me.

Part of it is time, and cost, part of it is not understanding alot about using a computer to its fullest potential, and part of it is a fear of trying something new, and making time for it, when I can.

Attending a Genealogy Convention, in July, then participating in my 1st Open Mic Poetry Reading, then re-connecting with a pair of old classmates, 1 of who goes back to 4th grade, and one to Middle School, on Facebook, and seeing how one has harnessed YouTube to wonderfull effect, and how the other is taking his own 1st steps, all combined to give me the encouraging push I needed to take my own first step on what I hope will be a fruitful journey, and an enlightening, and fun one, for me, and for you, the reader of this blog.

The first thing I did was set up a page on YouTube, not as The Cycling Dude, but as TheMadMacedonian, my other Blogging alter ago.

Anyone who reads the "About Me" section of the page will find info about The Cycling Dude Blog, and know The Mad One, and The Cycling Dude, are the same.

Any Google Search for me can turn up the connection, and my views on, and interest in, a lot of things outside the realm of cycling, something that has never bothered me in the slightest. ;-D

While the page will have links to videos of all sorts, that interest me, and that I may approve, or disapprove of, and opinionate on, I don't expect everyone to agree with, or like all that I review, but I do hope that the cycling videos I rate, and the videos I learn to make, and share, will attract other cyclists who are part of YouTube, or visit it for the videos. 

The 2nd thing I did was buy a Flip Ultra (120min.) Mini Recorder, which just arrived in the mail this week. ;-D

So what am I going to do that is relevant to this blog?

Share some of my essays, humor, and poetry, from the past 6 years, on YouTube, of course, but also try to film scenes from bike rides, and places I visit on my bike, as well as videos on issues of interest, and concern, to cyclists.

With that in mind I put out feelers recently for opinions about how best to film from a bike, asking advice on how to mount a mini-cam on my bike, or bike helmet, or if it's better to carry it in one hand.

So far the advice has been a mixed bag, and I welcome more thoughts on the subject:

One wrote:
I use a video camera similar to the Flip but I hold it in my hand. With
the camera mounted on the handlebars, there was too much vibration. On
my helmet, I couldn't tell when the camera was recording or if it was
properly positioned (putting on my helmet every time with exactly the
same angle is tough to do).
One wrote:
My only real advice is not to cheap out on whatever mount you use. The
Joby Gorillapods are cute and easy to use, but they fall apart pretty

I have no experience with that flip phone, but I don't think a helmet
mount would work well with that camera because of the vertical

Ambitious for someone new to camcorders, and to YouTube?

Yes, of course it is but, look at it this way...Before the Spring of 2002 I had never dreamed of becoming a Blogger....

My traffic has always been miniscule, on all my blogs, with Cycling Dude consistently the best (100-300 a day), but the things I've done, the places I've been, the people I've met, corresponded with, been blogged about by, and become friends with, over the years, have made this experience extremely rewarding on a personal, and creative, level, if not on a financial one.

Attempting the leap into Video is the next logical step for me in my growth as a writer, and blogger.

I invite you to come along for the ride. ;-D

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