October 22, 2009

Drunk Cyclist Faces German Justice

According to the story:

A drunk bicyclist got more than he bargained for when he went into a police station in the middle of the night and asked them to test his alcohol level.

The debate in the comments is over the choice of photo for the story, and the amount of the fine given the cyclist. ;-D

The Local: Germany's News in English.

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October 14, 2009

Kids With Disabilities Get Help Learning to Ride a Bicycle

As Summer fades into Fall there is a cool story, from July, that I want to share, reported by Denise Lockwood of the Wisconsin blog Know More:

Riding a bicycle is a tough thing to master.

There’s the peddling, the handlebars, the balance, the keeping focused on what is ahead of you and the turning. And for most children, riding a bicycle is a right of passage… except for children who have disabilities.

Those who cannot master the skills are children often left inside their homes with their parents. And they are often the odd kids out.

But that is not the case for 28 children and young adults who attended a weeklong camp held this week at Union Grove Elementary called Lose the Training Wheels. This week they became less disabled and more able. 

 As one who spent 29 of his first 38 years around a dozen mentally disabled women, several of whom where Down Syndrome, I found this story to be an inspiring one.

Read: Camp helps children with disabilities lose those training wheels

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October 12, 2009

Great Dane Gets $200 Million for Expanding Bicycle Lanes and Greenbelts

This is a really cool story about how persistent advocacy for cycling CAN pay off in a huge, and important, way:

Meet Lise Pedersen. She is the lead political lobbyist for Danish Cycling Federation or Dansk Cyklist Forbund (DCF), a cyclist advocacy group that has been working since the '70s to create the hundreds of miles of bike paths that connect every corner of Copenhagen....

And two weeks ago after a year of hardcore policy work, Lise won a major victory for bicyclists (and what may be the largest government infrastructure subsidy for bicycles in history) -- $200 million for expanding bicycle lanes and greenbelts across Denmark.
That certainly makes Lise a "Great" Dane in my book...wouldn't you agree? ;-D
Watch the vdeo, and read the rest of the story, at Mother Nature Network.

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October 09, 2009

Road Guardian Website is Re-Launched

I got this e-mail the other day:

After several weeks of tweaking and polishing (which never stops), we are pleased to announce the relaunch of RoadGuardian.com !

You can find the News Release here.

Our hope is that you and your fellow cyclists will contribute to and use this site to ride smarter and safer.

  Please share the above link with every cyclist you know... because the success of this site depends upon cyclists sharing their cycling experiences to help eachother.

Our goal is to save lives... with your help we can achieve this goal.  So, please share our link and this news with any and all of your cycling friends.

Thank you,


Joe Mizereck
"3 Feet Please" Campaign

Road Guardian
Initiatives of Safe Cycling, LLC

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October 06, 2009

Bicycle Tree to Hold 2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast in Orange, Ca.

The Bicycle Tree is a project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE),
a non-profit, public charity based in Orange, Ca.

I first wrote about The Bicycle Tree in June 2007, when they were located in Anaheim, Ca., and I visited them, and took photos for my story: A Bicycle Tree Grows in Anaheim.

By December 2007 of that year things had changed as they announced that "December 8th will be our last weekly public bicycle repair clinic, and we will thereafter be using that time to focus on processing and liquidating our sizeable collection of bicycles.  We intend to donate several yet-to-be-working bicycles to a worthy organization.  We will suspend major repair activity in February."

Bicycle Tree Grows, Ends Weekly Public Bicycle Repair Clinic.

By May of this year things were looking up again as I reported that they had a new website, and new outreach efforts set to begin:

"The Bicycle Tree is pleased to announce that we will be holding bicycle repair workshops on the last Saturday of every month from 11 am - 4 pm at The Road Less Traveled store in Santa Ana!" 

The Bicycle Tree is an organzation that "incorporates bicycle education, bicycle recycling, and do-it-yourself repair."

They offer programs and services for youth and adults, promoting the "excitement and accessibility of cycling, the fulfillment of conservation, and the rewards of education".

 The Bicycle Tree IS a unique, empowering resource for Orange County cyclists, and now comes their latest Press Release, updating event of the year so far, and issuing an invite to local cyclists....

Continue reading "Bicycle Tree to Hold 2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast in Orange, Ca."

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October 03, 2009

Is Audi Anti-Bicycle in its Latest Commercial?

Automobile Manufacturer Audi has come out with a new commercial for one of its new cars, called Audi A3 TDI - Do Your Part, and it takes a slap at Bicyclists that is far from funny, and is rather insulting, and offensive.

I have a peculiar sense of humor, and write humor, and poetry, about bicycling, and plan to include humor in my own future efforts on YouTube, but this commerical is not funny at all.

The commercial doesn't have a specific target audience, to me, anyway, unless you consider the piece to be an attempt to coax people to quit riding their bikes, and "get back in the damn car, already!".

And they are supposed to do this why? The new car is powered by Vegetable Oil!

They just insulted not just Cyclists, but Environmentalists, too.

 The commercial has an anouncer condescendingly intoning that "Many people are trying to do their part. . ."  as we see some unhappy Bike Commuter getting jostled by strangers on a crowded bus; a frightend cyclist in a suit trying to avoid a car as rain pours down around him; and some goofball on a Segway trying to remember the ineffective lessons he must have just been given, as he rides a sidewalk.

The Commuter is obviously an Immigrant, possibly of Middle Eastern Descent.

Talk about stereotype! Yes, minorities combine bus, and bike, to commute, but so do I, and other Middle Class people, and as well as people who make far more than we do!

And, besides riding the bus is not the horror they try to make it out to be.

As for the guy in the rain...No-one I know is that stupid, or desperate.

With all sorts of clothing to wear in the rain available, there is no excuse to do so if you simply MUST ride in the rain (Hell, even I've pedaled my bike with one hand steering, and one holding an Umbrella!).

Of course the smart thing when it rains, or snows, as everyone knows, is to leave the bike at home, and take the bus, or commuter train! ;-D

I WILL concede, though, that some Segway users are just like this one, and should be given plenty of space...hee, hee! ;-D

People like David Fiedler, of the About Bicycles site, are not amused by this commercial.

As he writes:

"Har har, Audi. That's rich. Guess what? You just insulted the groups of people most likely to be concerned about the environment and respond to a clean diesel ad by factoring it into their car buying decision.

I ride my bike to work daily, endorse mass transit AND have two cars that will need replacing in the next two years. Audi is not going to be a choice for either new vehicle,thanks to this terrible commercial."

I agree with him that it makes it seem like Bicycle Commuting is weird, unpleasant, dorky, and dangerous.

What a bunch of ignorant BS!

Watch the video.

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September 28, 2009

Columbia, Missouri Becoming More Bicycle Friendly

Parade Magazine has a great article on cycling improvements in Columbia, led by the town’s 76 year old mayor, a survivor of both esophageal and prostate cancer.

It seems that the Federal Highway Administration has launched a pilot program aiming to make roads safer and more enjoyable, and $22.5 million each, has been allocated to Columbia, and 3 other cities across the country, to make them more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly.

Among the things this wide-ranging article on cycling improvement efforts across the country mentions about Columbia:

1. The mayor recently ordered concrete bike paths alongside Columbia’s streets, rejiggered major intersections for bike safety, and turned existing residential streets into “bike boulevards” with painted bike lanes and obstacles to slow down cars.

2. A city-sponsored cycling-safety class.

3. Hindman’s next goal is to connect every neighborhood to a bike path.

The guy rides his bike 60 miles a week! 

Read the whole article: A Free-Wheeling City.

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September 23, 2009

Google Search Proves Schrader vs. Presta Cycling Debate DOES Rage On

Recently David Fiedler, of David's Bicycling Blog, on About.com: Bicycling, declared that the title of his post was a joke because "there's no huge debate that I'm aware of between fanatical factions of Presta patriots and Schrader supporters" whle at the same time advising his readers that "it's good for you to know the difference in case you haven't been exposed to one kind or another."

His short piece then explains the difference, and suggesting several great online resources about the valves, and about Bicycle tires.

Read: Schrader vs. Presta: The Debate Rages On.

I decided to test his claim with a series of simple Google Searches. ;-D

schrader vs presta = 2,610,000 results.

presta vs schrader = 65,000 results.

schrader vs presta valves = 399,000 results.

presta vs schrader valves = 32,000 results.

schrader vs presta tubes = 637,000 results

presta vs schrader tubes = 31,800 results.

schrader vs presta tires = 409,000 results.

presta vs schrader tires = 42,500 results.

Raging Debate, no Raging Debate, or just a minor disagreement, and half-hearted debate, and discussion?

The Cycling Dude reports...you decide! ;-D 

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September 20, 2009

It's a Hot Time on the Old Bike Commute

Anyone know when Summer will officially end?

I do 5 miles a day as part of my commute to work, from Santa Ana to Long Beach, all of it in LB, in 100 degree afternoon heat.

The late night return 5 miles, is in 85 degree heat.

What's the old saying?

What doesn't kill you, is good for you? ;-D

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September 16, 2009

Shaolin Warrior Sighted on Ventura Bicycle Trails

Stefan Verstappen  is a writer, artist, world traveler, martial artist, and martial arts instructor.

2 of his books are:

Little Warriors, about Children's Street Safety.
Blind Zen =  A Case Study of Sensory Enhancement for the Blind and Vision Impaired.

He's also an avid bicyclist.

In 2007 he made a wonderful 8+ min. video about bicycling in the Ventura area, and also took some great photos as well.

As readers of this blog know Ventura has miles of cycling trails.

Stefans video travels along the Ventura Beach Trail, Ventura River Trail, Emma Wood Beach Single Track, and on the beach sand itself.

His Essay on riding the Ventura River Trail, to Foster Park, includes 15 beautiful photos.

Read the story, and watch the video: Shaolin Mountain Bike Warrior


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