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January 17, 2003

Friendly Neighborhood Bike Shop

Before the Bicycle Chain ( pun definitely intended! ) Conglomerates There Were the Family Shops of an Independant Nature.

Do you remember your 1st visit to a bicycle shop?

Did your family buy their bikes and get them repaired at the same shop, generation after generation?

Do you take YOUR kids to the same shop for their cycling needs?

Do you consider the owners, and employees to be friends?

ARE they family?

Bicycling is 186 years old.

America was changed forever by WW2.

So I figured why not make a fuss over those Bicycle Shops that have been around since Hector's GRANDFATHER, or even GREAT-GRANDFATHER, was a Pup.

or, possibly, even earlier.... :-)

That is the reason for the links I've added today. To honor those shops and their off-shoots, if any, that have been around since BEFORE 1941.

I have been a steady customer of Coates for 20 years, and while I don't know the names of the employees, and have only met the owner a few times, in the course of making a purchase, I continue to be pleased with the service they provide, and the products they sell.

The Bike Shop peddles the merchandise to us, and we pedal it away.

The next time you visit your favorite shop, say thank you for the many years of service. It will be appreciated.

Trust me....

And while you are at it, let me make a request...

The Elder Statesmen, and Women ( such as Helen's in Santa Monica, Ca. ), of the world's bike shops are a heritage, and a resource, to be honored, and cherished:

If anyone, reading this, knows of any shops, with an active web presence, or that has a linkable news story about their history, instead, online, in the US, or Internatioanlly, that have been around before the world changing events of WW 2 (  1939 for Europe, and 1941 for America, and the rest of the world ), please send me an e-mail so I can consider adding them to the Honor Roll.

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Wow, I'm really glad I found your site!

Hey Cycling Dude you've got a heck of a good blog.

I'm going to let my friends know about it.

Keep on biking!

Posted by: Ron Asteak | Mar 8, 2007 9:21:05 AM


Thanks for stopping by!

U R the 1st person ever to leave a comment to this old post, and I appreciate it!.

The website of your shop has some great resources for riding in New Jersey!

Posted by: Kiril, The Cycling Dude | Mar 8, 2007 9:39:37 AM

Gamache Cyclery in Fitchburg, Ma. has been around since 1915. I was wondering if this may be the the oldest bike shop in Mass.

Posted by: Sarah | Mar 31, 2007 11:46:48 AM

The oldest shop in California under one family ownership, and maybe under the same name is pretty clearly Bumstead's Bicycles in Ontario, Ca.

This shop will celebrate it's 100th anniversary next year.

Posted by: Randy KIrk | Nov 12, 2008 12:34:59 PM

Snider's Cyclery was established in 1904 in Bakersfield, CA by my great great grandpa George Lloyd Snider, and is still up and running in 2 locations in Bakersfield.

I believe that would probably make Snider's the 3rd oldest bicycle shop in the nation.

Posted by: Jeseka Snider | Jul 22, 2009 10:24:22 AM

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