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January 15, 2003

What Do Cyclists Wish For?

Are Our Dreams, Impossible Dreams?

I, for one, don't think they are.

As Bicyclists we wish for alot of things beyond just the smoothest pavement, the coolest bike, and the Perfect Bike Ride.

There's the hope that every place we shop, eat at, and otherwise spend our hard earned cash has a Bicycle rack, and especially one worthy of the name.

There's the hope that our mode of transportation, to and from work, is taken seriously by our employer, and co-workers.

There is the wish that sombody would bloody-well hurry the hell up and invent the 100% punctureless inner-tu.....

Ok, ok, sorry I got carried away there for a moment...... :-)

In 2001, a contributer to a message board I used to frequent wrote a wonderful piece concerning HIS Cyclist dreams.

I loved it so much that I saved it for future reference.

With the birth of this Blog I hit on the idea of sharing this piece with a wider audience than it had previously had, and so secured the individuals permission to post the piece here.

Dan is a long time cyclist. He is both teacher, and activist. A man whose knowledge and opinions have always impressed me.

He provided me with several of the links you see in the column to the left, is a member of several of the organizations listed, and I look forward to reading the links more fully, and commenting about them here.

So, without further ado, let me turn this space over to someone with a dream, actually several dreams, that all cyclists can eagerly get behind:


By Daniel A. Gutierrez
Aerospace Cycling Club, Founder and Current President
Long Beach Cyclists, Technical Advisory Committee Chair
CA Assoc. of Bicycling Organizations (CABO), District 7 Director
League of American Bicyclists (LAB), Certified Instructor, LCI #962
International Bicycle Transportation Institute (BTI), Founding Board Chair

1. I have a dream that I'll not be the only vehicular cyclist, riding safely & legally in traffic, that I encounter on my morning cross county commutes.

2. I have a dream that ALL bicyclists will become empowered (critical mass=1) & learn to use the many thousands of miles of roads they already own, rather than fear them.

3. I have a dream that bicyclist advocates will 1st & foremost support cyclists' rights to safely & legally use all public roads, rather than help the anti-bicyclist forces (motorists, pedestrians, & many bicycle riders) push cyclists onto bike lanes & bike paths.

4. I have a dream that bicyclists will not be an afterthought in the planning & design of ALL public roads & that bicyclist education will be supported & funded by local government.

5. I have a dream that bicyclist advocates will encourage cyclists to improve their cycling skills & thereby replace fear of traffic & unsafe maneuvers with knowledge of traffic, rather than seeking dangerous facilities that promote low skill levels, unsafe maneuvers & reinforce existing fear.

6. I have a dream that bicyclist advocates will stop actively discriminating against skilled cyclists that already use major roads safely by falsely claiming that those same roads are mean, unsafe, or "not viable commute routes."

7. I have a dream that bicycle advocates will stop confusing bicyclists with pedestrians & acknowledge that transportation cyclists require MORE, not less, integration with motor vehicle traffic on public roads, & require MORE, not less, separation from pedestrians on so called "bike paths".

8. I have a dream that bicycle advocates will realize AND acknowledge that ALL public roads are already bicyclist facilities & that bike lane stripes don't "create space" for bicyclists , they take it away; even a narrow traffic lane is wider than a bike lane!

9. I have a dream that I will not have to build special re-inforced wheels for efficient bicycle commuting; so bad are the present surface conditions of many major roads.

10. I have a dream that when I arrive at my destination by bicycle , that safe & secure parking will be available.

11. I have a dream that the public will stop telling me that I'm crazy for bicycling major arterial roads, which are fast, safe & convenient for transportation.

12. I have a dream that bicyclist advocates will someday wake up & realize that "cyclists fare best when they act as & are treated as drivers of vehicles" & act accordingly...


Ok, dear reader, what do you think of Dans dreams?......

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Great article! I totally 100% agree. I love commuting! I really wish more people would commute so drivers actually would have regular experiences with bikes commuting!



- 1 less car

Posted by: Jeff Jackson | Aug 2, 2004 12:16:48 PM

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