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February 06, 2003

Church of the Almighty Bicycle

And, now, for a little fun and laughter, and serious food for thought.....

Not being one who has ever owned a car, or understood their inner workings or mystique I don't usually read articles about them.

I made an exception, this morning, for an article I found in the LOS ANGELES TIMES.

In the church of the almighty auto: by Nancy Rommelmann.

My sense of humor saw the wonderful possibilities in playing a game of word switch, with many of the things the author said in her piece, to see how they sounded when thinking of bicyclists:

These were just a few ( MY WORDS IN BOLD ):

1. Trying to distill Southern Californians' relationships with their bicycles is as ridiculous as suggesting, "If you've got a few minutes, I'll explain this whole love thing."

2. What are our bicycles but daily devotionals that we need, adore and hate?

3. We name our bicycles, we yell at our bicycles.....

4. We take our bicycles for a long drive along Mulholland Drive at sunset.

5. When we are not engaged with our own bicycles, we're involved with others. We slobber over the ( name your manufacturer ) concept bikes at the Bike Expo. We ask the girl at the Farmers Market about her Trek

6. Our level of engagement with bicycles is never neutral. There is always a reason behind our choices, among them aesthetics, power, piety, and economy.

With this game in mind, reading the rest of this, fascinating in its own right, article on auto extremists gives one much to ponder.

In our love of all things cycling there are some of us who aren't that different, sometimes, than the person who thinks his/her car is anything but mere transportation.

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