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May 10, 2004

Crazy Biker Chick's Commute

Tanya, the Crazy Biker Chick, has been writing about her efforts to cut down her commuting time from 50 minutes to 30, and it's an entertaining read.

She writes:

I biked all the way in to work today, and made it about 10 minutes faster than the time it took me when I first started here. I thought I was taking it leisurely to boot! The hill that was previously my nemesis seemed like a piece of cake even when my gearing stuck and I had to slog up it in a hard gear. I could swear someone flattened that hill out but must just be me getting stronger.

A few days later she channels her inner Lance Armstrong to come close to achieving her goal:

The thing I love the best about battling uphill headwinds is getting to enjoy the downhill tailwinds on the way home. Now based on good ol' Murphy's law it seems that I'm always going into the wind, but last night on my way home luck won out and I was flying. I decided that was a good time to try for my 30 minute commuting goal.

The story, so far, is here:

Getting Speedier

Zoom zoom zoom!

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