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May 03, 2004

Cycling South thru Camp Pendleton to Oceanside

I received a comment on my Xmas Ride along PCH, from Newport Beach to San Clemente, posted on Sneakeasy's Joint at the time, that I want to share with Cyling Dude readers in the hopes of clearing something up for good. :-)

For the past 5 years myself and two friends have spent a week riding the coast hwy. Our adventures usually start in S.F. and have taken us as far as Santa Barbara. This year we are starting in Newport Beach and heading south to Imperial Beach with several side trips and stops for oysters and tequila. Since 9/11 I am told that Camp Pendelton is closed to bikes. I am interested in your route through San Onefre. I'm not from this area, can you give me more specific directions? I have adventure cycling maps but they only show the option through Camp Pendelton.
Team Christine, trip planner

I sent her an e-mail response:

Hello Sherry!

Apparently Camp Pendleton is open again, as long as you bring proper picture ID.

The entrance to OLD ROUTE 101, on the beach side of the 5 Freeway may be more difficult to locate than a few years ago, or no longer accessable due to development.

I'm just not sure. It was too dark last December for me to go looking for it.

Where it should have been there seemed to be homes now.

As I mentioned, in my December piece, I made it to Christianitos RD.

I have, written down, a trip I planned about 8 years ago, but never took, from San Clemente to Downtown San Diego.

In it I begin by heading right on Christianitos Road......

To trail entry, just west of Southbound Frwy. on ramp.

Go South.

Route passes thru fence & follows frontage road, and crosses over Northern Campground entry at Basilone Road.

Path goes on a bridge over Railroad tracks and passes entrance to San Onofre power plant to reach entrance to San Onofre State Beach ( route must be along Old Hwy. 101 ).

Bike thru beach bike park path and at south end pass thru car barrier and take bike path on old 101.

Go along top of ocean bluffs, and pass below auto vista point, and follow path thru tunnel under freeway, and to trails end and go

Left on las Pulgas Road and check in a Camp Pendleton Gate.

Just beyond gate go

Right on Stuart Mesa Road.

Pass Camp Flores and stay right on Stuart Mesa

Right on Vandergriff Blvd., and pass out of Camp Pendleton Gate, and under freeway to become Harbor Dr.

I have long forgotten where I got this info, as you can well imagine. :-)

I found this old route slip in my papers, tonite. :-)

NOTE: As of Feb. 2005 the protion from gate to gate is open to civilians once again.

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I was curious about the same thing coming from the other direction--thoughts came through my head of doing a century (or more like 120-140) at some point this summer. Unless you're military, it looks like you're stuck with the interstate.

This is my source.


And finally some guy who pulled his kid out of school to ride a tandem across the country. I enjoy reading his complaints about climbing near Palomar! If you're a glutton for punishment, that's a place to go. It's snowed every time I've been there.


More about this as I do my own research.

Posted by: Chris | May 8, 2004 10:07:47 AM

awesome. i was just asking that question. my friend ryan who i play guitar with in a band said we should go on another quest sometime soon. last time we walked from san clemente to hunington. so we figured bikes would be a good idea, and maybe we should head in the other direction. i just wasn't sure if there was a route to san diego from san clemente. we plan to take the quest at the end of february. i'll send you pictures and stuff if you like. i can put the route in picture form for others wishing to do the same thing.

Posted by: Tyler | Jan 30, 2005 5:19:53 AM

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