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May 03, 2004

Discouraged Advocate in Pennsylvania

In and around Harrisburg there is a newsletter circulated by the writer of the Blog BICYCLE COMMUTING NOW.

Both detail "Day-to-day antics/hysterics/views from Harrisburg/South Central PA, promoting Bicycle Commuting and other sustaining lifestyle choices as viable options in today's culture."

The publisher has recently witnessed an event that has him seriously discouraged about the intelligence of his fellow cyclists, and the usefullness of his efforts in the community.

Today, I was sitting at a crosswalk preparing to cross to the sidewalk opposite which parallels a twisting backed-up section of shoulderless roadway I use during rush hour, when up from the side of me out of nowhere appears a bicyclist who: 1) obviously moved past the long line of stopped cars by passing on the right on a shoulderless bridge, thus causing safety issues for himself and the car operaters who aren't expecting anything on thier right in this situation; and then 2) he proceeds to cross the intersection right through a red light, with total disregard for the road rules.

Somebody help me here please!

Damn it, such antics by nimrods on bikes piss m off.

I see it every day, and I sometimes approach the cyclist, engage them in conversation, and even suggest they visit THE CYCLING DUDE for helpful information.

But it is often hard to deal with uninformed people, especially if they have a fear of riding in traffic, or don't know the proper ways to do so.

I encountered a 60 yr. old man riding on the sidewalk who indignantly refused to believe that what he was doing was not only wrong, but extremely unsafe.

He reacted as if I was nuts to suggest he was safer with me out on the street.

However, I don't let these encounters discourage me in my efforts to inform, and educate as best I can.

The friendly reactions, and the genuine interest in my site, that I encounter as I pass out little "business cards" is a gratifying reminder of the good I can do.

So, Frank, cheer up!

You are not alone in the Bloggerverse, and with a link listed here others will learn of, and appreciate, your efforts, and opinions. :-)

Two Steps Back

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