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July 07, 2004

Back of a Bike 2

If you enjoyed the sights, and images of my last entry, and the website it highlights then you will love the last few entries by Kazimar, of BICYCLE EYE. :-)

Have Camera, and Camcorder, will travel is apparently one of his mottos, and the pictures included in his most recent entries are absolutely spectacular.

In May he celebrated 1000 miles.

I've put 3,337 miles just on my most recent odometer alone, over the past year or so.:-)

I THINK I've gone around 20,000 over the last decade, but that's just a guess.

The next picture is of an Illusionary Ride.

After going on the ride shown in his next entry he wrote the following:

I was expecting a proud, relieved elation upon returning to my car and in turn to civilization but instead was overcome immediately with a sense of softly numbed grief. It was over- the trip was now only a memory I would always look back on and remember with fondest nostalgia, but it was no more. The car seemed foreign to me, as did the towns and traffic that I was more aware of as I drove home. Interacting in the real world now has less interest to me. Something changed out there in the desert, and back here in the valley I'm still caught in the middle of that change, whatever it may be. The experience is part of me now- I guess I'll just have to wait a while to find out what that really means.

The piece is called Tour Withdrawals.

The trip described next, and the pictures included, are for you Mountain bikers who stop by. :-)

Trail Review: Brown's Camp

There are more ways to enjoy a ride than just the pedaling part.

Take your time to look around, and bring your camera, or camcorder, to capture the memories.

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Thanks for the plug, Cycling Dude! Glad you've liked my site. It reminded me that I need to post some more experiences and pictures.... Your site is very well done, thanks for the great reading!

Posted by: kazimar | Jul 9, 2004 6:44:45 PM

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