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September 18, 2004

Kryptonite Not Super, Man

Kryptonite is a hot topic and people are writing about us all the time. Choose your favorite category and see what people are saying about Kryptonite and our products!

So speaketh the braintrust of the Kryptonite Co. Website :-)

The Website proudly brags that "Kryptonite is a hot topic and people are writing about us all the time."

Well, yes, they apparently are, and since the makers of "the toughest lock on the street" have yet to post a Press Release on the hacking of one of their Top of the Line products let's see what all the hullabaloo is about from some of those "people". :-)

Does one of the most powerful Bike Locks on the planet have an Achilles Heel?

If this report, from the AP, is anything to go by the answer seems to be yes.

You don't have to be the Man of Steel to open a Kryptonite bike lock.

Faster than a speeding bullet, word is spreading across the Internet, through cyclist hangouts and into bike shops that all it takes to open a circular-key lock, like the one on the famous U-shaped Kryptonite- brand lock, is a ballpoint pen.

The U-shaped Kryptonite - consisting of a steel curve with a locking horizontal bar - has been a must-have among serious bicyclists. It can cost more than $50, and for an extra $10 to $20, it comes with a guarantee that says the company will pay customers more than $1,000 if product failure results in the theft of a bicycle.

In recent days, bicycle chat rooms on the Internet have been flooded with irate comments from cyclists, some of whom have posted short movies of themselves picking their own locks with the hollow shaft of a Bic pen.

A spokeswoman for the Canton-based company, the country's largest bicycle-lock manufacturer, said it plans to accelerate the introduction of new versions of the lock because of the complaints.

Behold the once Mighty Kryptonite Evolution 2000 Bike Lock! It Seems any 3 year old, with a Bic Pen, can unlock this sucker! :-)

Whoa Nelly!

Not good, Kal-El, not good at all. :-)

Back in the late 90's, I had 2 Kryptonites.

I lost the 2nd one when it was broken by an over-zealous Mall Cop With Bolt Cutters. :-)

Behold! The Mighty Bic Stic!! Slayer of the Lock of Steel!!!

It seems that, yes Virginia , the Pen IS mightier than the Bike Lock. :-)

Benjamin Running, a 28-year-old graphic designer in New York, helped start the furor after he posted on the Internet a video of himself picking his own lock.

"These locks literally are viewed as the industry standard, the lock that you must have. They're recommended by every bike shop," he said.

Kryptonite spokeswoman Donna Tocci said in a statement that the design still provides "an effective deterrent to theft," but that the firm is developing new products using a pen-proof, disc-style cylinder.

The company made no mention of any refunds or free replacements and did not say whether it had received any reports of bikes being stolen.

ENGADGET, and friends, hacked a lock, and even have a Video of the devastating deed for anyone interested to view.

Kryptonite Evolution 2000 U- Lock hacked by a Bic pen".

( Hat Tip to J-Walk Blog for this link. )

I'm gonna root around over the next several days and see what else I can find on the subject. [ I have 3 days off in a row coming up! Whoo Hoo! :-) ]


A Follow-up: Kryptonite to Give Upgrades.

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