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September 23, 2004

Miracle Reported on in Indiana

It's a Miracle!

Local News Media Scoops the Big Boys!

Miracle in Indiana

Kit Miracle, that is. :-)

Regular readers will remember my earlier report on Kit, her painting, and her website FROM THE BACK OF A BIKE.

Well, Roger McBain, of the Evansville Courier and Press, wrote an excellent piece, on Sept.19, on her. :-)


Southern Indiana artist packs journal, sketchpad and camera on her bicycle as she travels the Ohio River, documenting her trip with a series of paintings.......

Kit Miracle is on her bike looking for Christ, but she's ready for other options.

"You've got to be open to surprises," says the pedaling painter from Birdseye, Ind.

Miracle glances into the rear-view mirror sticking out from her bright-yellow bicycle helmet, checking for approaching traffic as she pedals her 24-speed Trek hybrid bike southeast along Indiana 66 toward Tell City, Ind. Her gaze moves from the river on her right to the road to the bluffs on her left as she scans the landscape for Christ of the Ohio, a tall, stylized statue that, according to her guidebook, "Indiana: A New Historical Guide," is supposed to be easily visible from the river.
If she can find the landmark, and if she can find the right composition, she may photograph, sketch or paint it there on the spot, adding to her growing collection of scenes found and captured in weekly treks along the Ohio River.

The full write-up can be viewed most easily on Kit's own site.

She also includes a link to the original ( which requires Free Registration to the newspapers website ).

And before you think you are too old to get out and ride hither, and yon, around the countryside, consider this:

Kit is 52 years old.

Only 8 years older than I am. :-)

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