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September 01, 2004

Thoughts on Reporting Critical Mass

A comment to my last piece, from brand spanking new Blogger Tom, of Bikezilla takes me to task for supposedly being fooled by the Left. :-)

The vast majority of Lefty protest groups are hateful, violent and disruptive. How did they fool you into thinking they would be other?

To explain how I used to be a longtime registered Democrat, despite my disgust over the antics of the Far Left, would take forever. :-)

But read on for my reply to Tom, and some thoughts on my politics, and covering CM:

I agree wholeheartedly, Tom, especially though, about the further Left Groups.

My piece shows no indication that I've changed my opinion of CM, or that the Left has fooled me about anything.

If you had been reading my other blog, Sneakeasy's Joint, over the last 2 years you would know that I am a former, life long, Moderate Liberal, who has been moving to the Right, and re-registered as a Republican last October.

I've realized that what I was, originally, was a Reagan Democrat, after all, and have been coming to see I'm actually a Moderate, or slightly more than, Republican in most of my views.

The CM Movement, and CM events, should not be allowed to operate in a vacuum, unknown, unreported on, uncriticized, and unexplained.

The mainstream media, on the Left, when it ever reports on CM events, looks at them, and the movement, uncritically.

The mainstream media, on the Right, when it ever reports on CM events, treats them, and the movement, as something put on by unabashed Leftist Commie Pinkos, and therefore legitimate Cycling issues are ignored, especially when the purpose of the ride is not about cycling, or the cycling message is obscured by the messages of the majority of the participants in a ride.

The Left, and Liberalism, does not have a monopoly on support for legitimate Bicycling issues, and the promoting of safe Cycling as a form of recreation, and a legitimate commuting option.

It just seems that way.

There are FEW unabashed Cycling Blogs in the Bloggerverse, and this is, and plans to continue trying to be, one of the more comprehensive of those in its content.

One aspect of that is keeping an eye on the Critical Mass Movement, and events.

Making my fellow cyclists, and the general public, more aware of CM will bring it, and its movement, out of the shadows where the Leftist Propaganda hides among the positive messages about Bicycling.

I am not afraid to criticize, often with strong emotion, and very strong language.

I am also not afraid to publicize the good that those I disagree with occasionally may do. :-)

If all you expect from a BikeBlog is a journal of my daily commute, or the occasional 40 mile jaunt into the countryside then you have come to the wrong place.

As my growing collection of links, and a visit through my archives, shows, there is so much more to what The Cycling Dude is all about.

Let me end by welcoming Tom to the line-up of BikeBlogs by addressing his first entry, yesterday:

BikeZILLA may be the teensiest bit over ambitious as titles go.

[ Ambition is good. it's what guided me to begin THIS place. :-) ]

I bike regularly, at least once per week, but the truth is that I have more desire than ability. Lance Armstrong I am not.

[ None of us is a Lance. I commute, and take frequent 20 to 60 mile bike rides in 5 counties. I'm just an ordinary recreational cyclist. ]

Where Lance will cover 100+ uphill miles in just over three hours, I'm doing well to tramp around various portions of the Illinois Prairie Path and Great Western Trail systems at a steady 12 miles per hour.

[ That sounds so cool, and I hope to read stories about those adventures. :-) ]

This will be, more or less, the journal of my quest for improvement on the road to what I hope will be my first race of at least 50 miles (I'm hoping for 100) by the middle of June '05.

[ I'm no racer, and wish that more racers would share their ordinary cycling adventures, along with their racing passion, so as to be more accessable to us recreationalists. ]

They're will be other things. A bit of news on Lance Armstrong and the Tour when it comes around again, maybe some information of cycling gadgets and equipment.

But mostly it'll just be me. At least for now.

[ Writing about yourself, your rides, and your thoughts about cycling, is more than enough to get a well done blog off the ground ]

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Thank you, Kiril.

Posted by: Tom | Sep 1, 2004 6:49:41 PM

You are welcome. :-)

I like encouraging my fellow cycling bloggers. :-)

Posted by: Kiril | Sep 2, 2004 2:07:47 AM

Thanks for the voice of reason. CM is not about cycling; it's about politics masquerading as cycling. Ugly people (women with more leg hair than the guys) protesting for an ugly cause (unilateral disarmament) in an ugly way (tying up traffic and creating more enemies for normal cyclists). Repeat after me: The personal is not the political. The personal is not the political. CM makes the rest of us on bikes look bad. Advocating safe roads or actual enforcement of traffic laws doesn't imply an immature leftish approach to defense or economics.

Posted by: Chris | Sep 7, 2004 2:03:06 PM

Thanks for stopping by Chris. :-)

The confusing thing about CM is the frequent mixing of the Political ( anti-war, anti- Bush, anti-America, etc... ) with the Bicycle Issues.

I am slowly learning that there ARE Critical Mass events where the Cycling Issues are the focus, but they don't get the attention that the Political Events do.

Because even these events have Liberal slants to them, & Liberal sponsers, and mostly Liberal causes have booths, or speakers at after ride events, many people still don't take them, and the cycling issues, seriously.

I wrote the detailed piece on TIME'S UP as my first attempt to shed more light on organizations that put on CM events, and as you can tell, if you read it, I discovered a mixed bag of information.

I have a feeling that may almost always be the case.

If so, then I feel that commenting on the political activities, and beliefs, is as important as praising any Pro Cycling programs, and beliefs of such groups.

People interested in supporting such groups, or attending a CM, should not go in un-informed, or like me at the old DNC Ride, only partially informed about what to expect.

Such ignorance almost landed me in Jail, and DID land others there.

Posted by: Kiril | Sep 8, 2004 1:56:24 AM

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