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February 14, 2005

Newspaper Editors: Potholes, not Bicycles!

Tim Ellis, of the Arizona Daily Star, sent me a thank you for my coverage of his story:

Kiril --
Thanks. I hope to write more stories about bicycling — it I can get them past my editors, who want me to write about potholes...

Tim Ellis
Arizona Daily Star

This begs the question:

How hard is it to get positive stories, short pieces, or investigative series, on recreational bicycling, and/or commuting, past editors of newspapers across the country?

As I've mentioned before my weekly Google updates bring far more stories about injury, death, and the use of bikes in the commiting of a crime, than they do the infinite variety of positive stories that are out there to be told.

That's why I strive to bring attention, and recognition, to such stories, and encourage more with a thank you to the writer.

Hell, I even consider SOME stories on Critical Mass to be positive, but that still wouldn't do much to make a dent in the disparity.

Hint to Tim: Potholes pose a danger to bicyclists too! :-D

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