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March 24, 2005

2004 Blumenauer speech responsible for Caucus membership growth

I was wondering about the increase in membership of the Bicycle Caucus over the past year, and so went back to the website, and discovered a March 2004 Floor Speech given by Rep. Earl Blumenauer that no doubt played a small part in eventually getting some of his colleagues off their behinds.

He began by urging his fellows to take note of the many volunteers then in the Capitol for a big event who have an interest in Cycling.

He said:

These are people from all over the country, small businesspeople, community activists, all here with a message of how activity dealing with cycling in America can make our communities healthier, cycling can be a dramatic opportunity for economic development for thousands of small businesses, and it is, after all, the most efficient form of urban transportation ever devised.

He went on to urge his fellows to join the Caucus, in order to...

support robust transportation funding that includes things like safe routes to school and enhancements; and integrate cycling into your life and your community.

Must have worked.

Membership sure did rise, and the number of states without Caucus representation decreased.

Urging members to join bike-partisan bicycle caucus.

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Or could it be the hundreds of cycling advocates that visited their representatives personally and asked them to join the caucus?

They too deserve kudos for their hard work.

Posted by: betty | Sep 13, 2005 10:23:58 PM

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