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March 27, 2005

Critical Mass loses in Federal Court

This come from Boston:

A federal jury yesterday rejected a civil rights suit brought by a bicyclist arrested on Memorial Drive in Cambridge in May 2001, concluding that the man wasn't wrongly arrested by a state trooper. Peter Rowinsky, 31, now a second-year medical student at the University of Pennsylvania, alleged that he was harassed for riding a bike on the busy roadway. But former trooper John Walsh, who retired from the State Police three years ago, testified last week that Rowinsky was among 100 cyclists from the group Critical Mass, which was blocking traffic and refused to move despite repeated requests. Jurors in the civil case deliberated for less than an hour.

When the Police give you an order to stop an illegal action you should not be suprised when you are arrested for ignoring the order.

Civil Disobedience comes with consequences, even when the action is part of a pattern of actions in defiance of a clear wrong, and may eventually lead to the righting of said wrong ( Think of the Civil Rights Protests ).

This situation was not one of those occassions where a wrong was being protested.

The CM Rider was in the wrong, and got properly nailed for it.

BOSTON GLOBE- March 8th: Jury tosses bicyclists' civil rights suit.

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