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March 22, 2005

Eugene Cycle Shack in Business since 1927

The Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines a HUTCH this way:

1. A Compartment for storage.

2. A pen or coop for an animal.

3. Shack. Shanty.

My call for readers to let me know of Elder Statesmen among bicycle shops with an internet presense has paid its 1st dividend!

Thanks goes to Gene, of the Blog Bikin Bis', for the heads up from his bunker in the great Northwest!

Since 1927, when Earl "Hutch" Hutchinson opened his bicycle/lawnmower/keymaking store, in Eugene, Oregon, then his son took over and renamed the shop in the 60's, Hutch's Bicycles has stored the needs of lovers of our favorite 2-wheeled steed in not just the original "shack", but several other well-stocked, and popular, locations in surrounding cities.

This site also has a history page that pays tribute to its past.

The Masterlinks page highlights the bike the chain sells.

There is a page for various Hutch's gear.

There is a picture of 2 of their very best customers that must be seen to be believed, and is a hoot! ;-)

There is a links page to various comapanies whose products the chain sells.

Don't own a bike? Don't want to cart yours with you on vacation? You can check out how to rent one from Hutch's!

However the best thing about the site is the essential resource that is the Saddle Up! page.

It includes 2005 info not only about local free rides, but rides that cost a small to moderate fee, and require downloadable registration forms.

Thank's, Hutch's, for being there!

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