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March 16, 2005

LGB and the Black Water Bottle of Doom

Little Green Footballs is one of the best news, and opinion, Blogs on the internet, and I don't visit it near as often as I should.

The reason is simple: There is just too damn much worth reading. I'd be worried I'd never get off the site!

However, tonite I came across a post, and the resulting 300+ comments it inspired ( which I'm gonna wade thru, a little at a time, simply because I'm curious ) that was quite interesting, and amusing.

I didn't know Charles Johnson is a Little Green Bicyclist!

As he writes, on the 12th:

Today’s ride: 54 miles, south to the Palos Verdes Country Club circuit, down PV Drive North at 34+ mph, then back up north to the Santa Monica pier, before returning to point.

54 miles! I'm impressed!

Palos Verdes Drive North is a winding road through a portion of the hills of the Palos Verdes Penninsula, and has a companion known as PV West that takes  the traveler along a route overlooking the Ocean, eventually into San Pedro.

During my recent vacation when I rode an almost 50 mile round trip from Seal Beach to Torrance Beach and back, I began the return by riding PV North south and found it most enjoyable ( I'll be writing about this whole trip soon ).

I plan on riding the Beach Bike Trail from Torrance, north to its end near Malibu, and it looks like Charles could tell me a thing or 2 about attempting such a journey.

He includes an amusing picture of his "Black Water Bottle of Doom", and I had to laugh because if that puny thing deserves the "doom" designation what should I call my 100 liter Camelbak? :-D

LGF Blog -- Cycle of Violence: Bottle of Doom

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