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April 14, 2005

Are Cyclists risking harrassment in Riverside Co.?

I had intended that my first report about bicycling in Riverside County, California, would be of a glorious ride around the Temecula Wine Country, to be later followed by rides around Lake Elsinore, Perris, Riverside and other such wonders the county had to offer that I could reach by carting my trusty steed on the bus.

But I had to postpone my ride from March to next month.

Now comes word of activities that are of grave concern for any bicyclist, local, or tourist, who wants to ride around the county.

Jim Baross, of CABO ( Ca. Ass. of Bicycle Organizations ), has spread the word about what has been happening to some Riverside cyclists he is helping.

Like him, I ask you, especially my fellow Southern Californians who may have experience bicycling in the region, to read the following message and, If you can contribute/help, please do.

Publicizing this story is my small contribution.

Now, meet Frank Neal...

Riverside County Cycling:

Hello to All who have cycled in Riverside County,

Riverside County, CA., is a cycling mecca.

However, cyclists seem to experience some harassment from motorists, and residents, while cycling in this area. Most recently, during the Hemet Double Century, cyclists experienced everything from loose dogs, to paint balls, to pellet guns.

I have begun conversations with several California Cycling Advocacy Groups after my friend, Clem Bartolai, was hit in the face by a paint ball on Florida Ave./Highway 74 in Hemet.


If you have experienced harassment while cycling in Riverside County,

please contact us with the following information:

Your Name
Date of the incident
Location of the incident
The facts of the Incident
Results of the Incident/Injuries?
Did you get any description of who caused it: license number, description of vehicle and occupants?
Did you call the Police?
What were the results of the Police report?

You do not have to be injured to respond. Yelling, honking, buzzing, brushing, ducking flying objects and the infamous "bird" all count!

If you are a regular rider in Riverside County, and you experience any/all of these on a regular basis, and are willing to be interviewed; include your name and contact info without the specifics.

We'll contact you!

Send info to: Frank Neal, email: Cycleman"@"BigPlanet.com Delete the quotation marks (" ") from the email address when you add it to your address book.

Thanks for your prompt rely.

- Frank Neal, "Garfield, the Kickstand Guy". Oh yeah: CalTripleCrown "Hall of Fame"

This IS serious, folks. No joke...

This is as good a place as any to introduce NEW readers, of this blog, to an old piece of mine, originally written in response to harassment I once experienced, and published, to little response, in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, in San Bernardino County, Ca., a region north of Riverside County.


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I've read about your worries, but I have to say for the record that I have experienced no harassment at all while riding in Riverside County, and I ride in the Canyon Lake/Lake Elsinore/Murrietta/Temecula area on a regular basis. Now, one time I was chased by an unchained dog, but I didn't consider that to be a deliberate attempt at harassment. I have experienced Riverside County to be a wonderful place to ride. It's beautiful, has lots of significant hills to conquer, and good, quiet, back roads to traverse. I hope that your experience was a rare occurrence, because I'd hate to have to stop riding around here!

Posted by: Kelly | May 20, 2005 11:33:58 AM

I remember riding in the Perris/Hemet area over 20 years ago and experiencing the nastiest sort of harassment anywhere in Southern CA.

I have dodged all sorts of objects thrown from passing cars (more than a few beer bottles, that really says something).

The worst incident happened along Hwy. 74 west of Perris when I was run off the shoulder by a pickup truck with at least three screaming guys in it.

It did an abrupt u-turn in the highway and came right at me on the wrong side of the road, more screaming, etc, and so I took off up a dirt road (on my road bike).

Those guys chased me up that road, then up another, into a trash filled field and finally gave up when I rode up to a house.

It seems things haven't changed much out there, and to me, Riverside County is stuck in the dark ages.

Paintballs, pellets, bottles, crazy ATV riders, shotguns, welcome to the Wild West.

Posted by: Ken6000 | Aug 9, 2009 6:34:15 AM

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