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July 30, 2005

Thanks Orange Cycle!

Living in a new city I needed a new Bike Shop.

Remembering a trip to Old Town Orange, a 20 min. bike ride from my new North Santa Ana digs, over a year ago I headed to the shop I had discovered there.

My trusty steed needed 2 new tires if I was going to do the serious cycling I have in mind for my vacation this week.

Cleopatra needs a tune-up, and a new saddle, too, but that can wait another 2 weeks. :-D

Orange Cycle "has been family owned and operated in downtown Orange since 1969. Our deep commitment to the family and its values has naturally led us to gear our business toward serving families with all their cycling needs."

Trying to stay under $20 a tire I was steered to a very good pair, and as they were installed I was advised that my bikes wheel needed to be straightened.

I initially decided to pass, but when I realized that the tire was rubbing against the brakes too much I opted for the straightening.

Manual, the ace mechanic, not only straightened the wheel, but made sure the brakes wouldn't rub the tire, AND did something for me that I hadn't been able to do for a month.

He made the magnet of my Odometer behave itself and work properly. :-D

All, in all, money well spent.

I left one of my fliers about Cycling Dude behind, and will be allowed to leave a stack of my new batch on a regular basis.

I like family owned shops the best because of their histories, and ties to their communities that often go back through several generations, and I'm glad to find one close to home.

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