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August 08, 2005

Yes, Virginia, they bicycle in New Mexico

With a recent comment by Brian Fletcher I learned of a new BikeBlogger.

Brian has a site, begun in March, that he calls Seeing Albuquerque by Bicycle.

He says:

My blog is about bicycling the city paths, trails and streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It's not just about where these trails will lead you but all the interesting sights you will experience along the way.

There are only 8 entries so far, but what a wonderful collection they are!

Stories about bike rides in the area, and some of the entertaining pictures taken on them.

In his mid-40's, he took up cycling 5 years ago, and has some goals for his blog:

...is also intended for cyclists who may be visiting Albuquerque and are not familiar with cycling here in the city.

I will try to cover the whole metropolitan area. I have cycled from Rio Rancho in the north to the South Valley and from the foothills of the Sandias to the West Mesa. I have also ventured outside of the area to such places as Zia Pueblo and Cedar Crest. Every year I try to get more adventurous with the out-of town trips.

Other than provide information about which routes to make your ride enjoyable, there will be news and information about new trails and paths that are being built or trails that have been closed for construction. I will also include practical information about repair shops and good places to refill your water bottle.

Not many people, in his local area, or elsewhere, know of him judging by the fact he's only had 155 visitors, but we all started small, and grew into something greater than we originally dreamed.

Here's hoping that this write-up, and inclusion in my Blogroll, encourages him to continue with his blog, and brings him a well deserved audience.


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