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September 11, 2005

Calling all Cyclists!

THE FOLLOWING LETTER IS BEING SENT, THIS WEEK, TO EVERYONE IN MY LINKS THAT I CAN REACH ( Feel free to pass it along to people, organizations, and shops that I do not list ):


My name is Kiril, and I am THE CYCLING DUDE.

Some of you may know of me,  most may not, but I know of you.

You see, I link to you on my Weblog.

My blog is unique in its content, and focus in the US, I believe.

I am just an ordinary cyclist trying to spread the word about recreational cycling, and commuting.

My Blog is called THE CYCLING DUDE: http://www.cyclingdude.com

All you need to know about it can be learned here in the important part of this entry:


I am writing in response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, wondering if there are efforts in the Cycling Community to help the stricken areas, to help stricken Clubs, to help stricken Cycling Advocacy Groups, to help stricken Bike Shops.

Are there Cyclists ( ordinary people, Club members, Advocates, or Shop Owners ) with stories to tell, or events,  links, and other info to share?

How are Cyclists in the stricken area holding up?

I am offering such assistance as a blogger with an audience can possibly provide ( 41,000 visitors as of today ).

I can help spread the word, in Blog entries, about anything, and everything, related to your efforts, and the efforts of people shops, clubs, and activist groups in the aftermath of Katrina.

I can even share feel good, and feel bad, stories, and news reports, about the same, and about all the popular trails in the region ( their destruction, and eventual recovery ).

See the standing offer to my readers for an example of how I am hoping to get others to share stories: http://www.sneakeasysjoint.com/thecyclingdude/2004/07/an_invitation_r.html

I am a working person so blog only a few times a day at most, but don't let that discourage you from passing along information as it will be posted in a timely manner.

Please keep me in mind, as an ally,  and also, after due exploration, please consider adding a link to my blog on your website ( Absolutely NOT required for me to make the above offer ).


Putting the ING in BICYCLING Since January 2003
The Cycling Dude: http://www.cyclingdude.com

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