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September 14, 2005

Katrina: Larry is Alive!!

With apologies to a popular commercial....

LARRY LAGARDE to a certain Hurricane of his acquaintance:

You're not killing ME, or MINE, Katrina!

I received this e-mail a little over 2 hours ago...

Life in the Afermath of Katrina:


Thanks so much for your kind words. As of this morning, I'm finally online again & a lot has happened...

At 4am Sunday morning (the day before Katrina's landfall), my dad called on the phone and said GET UP and GET OUT NOW. We did and were caught in a bumper to bumper exodus that lasted over 12 hours.

The week before when Katrina was in the Atlantic, my dad had the foresight to rent a few hotel rooms in Tunica, Ms. for much of our family. My grandmother, aunt, cousin, brother and his wife, neices, nephew and more were priveledged to weather the storm together. From afar, we watched in disbelief as the winds tore apart the Gulf Coast. Then the levees broke when the authorities thought the crisis had subsided, sealing the city's fate.

My parents, grandmother and cousin all lost their homes. The home of one of my sisters still stands but is likely a complete loss. My other sister's home as well as that of my aunt were not flooded but they're not accessible so we know nothing further. FYI, my aunt's home stands about 1 block from the yacht club building that TV cameras caught burning to the ground.

I've lived in New Orleans all my life. In many ways, it was and is a beautiful city. What happened was a travesty; nevertheless, life goes on for the living. My wife and I are busy picking up the pieces along with a million others. Overall, I have no complaints. Sure, the storm caused upheavel, pain and anxiety but how would we know the meaning of peace and happiness if we didn't experience sorrow? So many people have been affected by this tragedy though. I anticipate that a variety of my web design clients had extensive damage and may not reopen their businesses. Some of them have become close friends and I haven't been able to reach them. I struggle not to fear for the worst...

More than ever, the reality of our present circumstances makes the success of RideTHISbike.com a critical part of our recovery. Please do what you can to spread the word about the site. Additionally, should you know of anyone seeking the services of a webmaster with extensive experience in website hosting, design or marketing, please let them know of me.


Larry Lagarde

RideTHISbike.com ( About a Folding Bike ), and Great Bicycle Rides and City Trails Worldwide ( His BikeBlog ), and Areafocus.com ( Web Design )

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I just love happy endings, don't you?

Admittedly this is just the beginning of the recovery for Larry, and his family, but it's important.

Consider checking his sites out, or contacting him if they have anything of interest to you.

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