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September 22, 2005

Rita: Finding humor in the face of danger

Hurricane Rita is heading towards Houston.

Despite that some locals are finding reason to laugh.

Laurence Simon, of the outstanding Blog known as This Blog is Full of Crap, shares a radio talk show exchange he heard:

Caller: "I'm a bicyclist. I don't have any transportation out of town."
Chris Baker: "Well, you better get pedalin', pal!"

Heh, heh, heh. ;-D

Some of the comments are a hoot!

1. The bike will get you farther than a car with an empty tank of gas.
figure it out genius.
I love smug idiots.

2. If you point a bike in one direction for a while instead of circling around the neighborhood, it takes you to distant places.

3. Dumbass. The world is on the other side of his handlebars.

Why I like Chris Baker.

Laurence Simon is heading out with the 3 kitties. His wife is a TV journalist and is staying at her station, and he's not too happy about that, but as usual, Lair retains his trademark sarcasm and humor.

Good luck to you, and yours, Lair!

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