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October 21, 2005

No response to follow-up to Webmaster of Congressman

On Sept. 29th I wrote of the responses to a letter I wrote to Congressman Earl Blumenauer, of Portland, Oregon.

He is the head of the Congressional Bicycle Caucus.

While HIS response left much to be desired, the letter from his Webmaster seemed promising enough that...

now that I have an actual e-mail, attached to a real person, I may be able to finally make the Congressman aware of my thoughts about the Bike Caucus, its membership make-up, and its website, and get some serious responses related to Bicycling issues.

So I wrote a follow-up to the Webmaster, a Mr. Ernesto Omar Falcon, on Sept. 29th.

The letter is as follows:

Dear Ernesto,

Thank you for the personal reply.

It means a lot.

After reading the "I'm Mad at FEMA, and I'm NOT Gonna Take it Anymore" letter sent under the main e-mail, I was forced to wonder if the Congressman had even read my letter, much less even knew of it's exisitence.

While I understand about not linking to my blog, and fully expected that response, I am still hoping that I can get feedback from the Congressman, or even just appropriate members of his staff, on the content of the letter, and about my Blog, and its content.

You see, I have a link to the section of his website related to the Bike Caucus, and plans to carry thru on writing about Congress, and cycling issues, thru my "Congressional Bicycle Caucus Watch".

I wrote a review of the site, last spring, and even tried to notify the Congressman for feedback, but got no response.

See the 5 entries in my Archives, here: http://www.sneakeasysjoint.com/thecyclingdude/congressional_bicycle_caucus_watch/index.html

A lot has happened in my life since those articles, and I hope to do more on the Caucus, and its efforts, in the future.

I would love to have the Congressman, or an appropriate staffer, take me up on an open invitation to my readers:


I would also love to know about cycling issues the Caucus is dealing with at the moment, nationally, or within each embers jurisdiction, and how I can learn more about them so I can write informative entries on my blog.

Feel free to pass this on to Mr.  Blumenauer, and anyone else on his staff who might be interested.

Sincerely yours,


As of this morning there has been no response to this letter.

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