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November 25, 2005

Bicycling Magazine Tips for Riding with your Walkman

Article on riding your bike while plugged into your Walkman, MP3 Player, or iPod, and tuned out of the world around you, by Bicycling Magazine, begins this way:

Thanks to iPods and other MP3 players, 10,000 songs take up the same amount of space in your jersey pocket as a banana. So why not bring tunes along for the ride? For starters, it's illegal in some states to ride with music in your ears, though the law is rarely enforced. Then there's the great debate about whether earphones compromise your safety on the road. We don't recommend cycling with earphones, but ...

They then devote the rest of the piece to tips on how to supposedly do this safely.

The article, in the September issue, is divided into short sections with the following titles:

1. How much must a cyclist hear?

2. What do motorists hear?

3. Which headphones are best for cyclists?

4. How low should you go?

Interesting tidbits of info include:

there are no laws restricting deaf people from riding a bike, nor are there reports of high accident rates for hearing-impaired riders. And we've never heard of a problem from wearing an ear-covering headband in cold weather...

Between engine growl and ear-covering helmets--of which the latest have built-in speakers--a motorcyclist hears far less than a bicyclist. Modern cars are designed to insulate the driver from outside noise...

Pedal to the beat of your own tunes by Alan Cote.

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I can't imagine riding with my hearing impaired, but I don't have *too* much of a problem with other cyclists doing it, I guess.

Posted by: Fritz | Nov 25, 2005 11:10:55 PM

In my state, Illinois, it is illegal to ride with headphones playing music. Besides, being able to hear traffic coming toward or behind me has been saved my bacon more than a couple times.

Posted by: Roger | Nov 25, 2005 11:30:52 PM

I can't imagine what relevance how much a person in a car can hear has any relation to how safe a bicyclyist is in a MV v Bike accident. If a deaf motorist hits a deaf cyclist only one of them is going to be injured.

Posted by: James | Nov 30, 2005 2:31:59 PM

An excellent point James.

Posted by: Kiril Kundurazieff | Dec 1, 2005 3:30:25 AM

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