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November 25, 2005

Bicyclists discover the Joy of Doing Laundry

Okay, people, how many of you either bike to your local Laundrymat, or know someone who does?;-D

Ya'll appear not to be alone!

I found a Press Release from the Laundry Bag Store Online that is quite interesting.

Strapped Nylon Laundry Bags a Favorite Amongst Bicyclists:

As another way of saving fuel, consumers are biking to their local coin-op Laundromat.

Watertown, MA, October 02, 2005 -- The Laundry Bag Store Online, an online retailer of various style laundry bags, has indicated that purchases for their strapped nylon laundry bags has increased as of late.

According to the sales manager, “this style of bag is usually purchased by embroiders and screen printers, as well as schools and colleges, however bicyclists are now using the bag to make weekly trips to the local coin-op.”

“The bag is large enough to hold 2 loads of laundry yet small enough to handle while riding. The long strap allows the rider to simply throw the bag across their shoulder.”

Full Press Release is here.

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I did laundry at those lovely laundrymats all throughout my bike tour. Course ... all your stuff's in panniers anyway. But I don't remember it being any less pleasent than a laundrymat stop is with any kind of vehicle. (Not that they're ever pleasent)

Posted by: Jill | Dec 5, 2005 2:32:04 AM

I ride a bicycle everywhere I go not including dates, but I do believe that it is fairly easy to do your laundry once a week on a bicycle. I use a laundry bag the military refers to it as "knit bag", it will hold 2 loads of laundry and is cheap as well. Mothers make your children do there own laundry!!!

Posted by: Good Fella | Dec 28, 2005 9:20:04 AM

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