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November 11, 2005

Katrina: Donate a Bike for the Needy

I received an e-mail today from Larry Lagarde, of New Orleans.

Regular readers will remember Larry: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Just over 2 months ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their homes, jobs and possessions to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. As they work to rebuild, many face a huge roadblock: no transportation.

Flood waters that took weeks to recede destroyed everything, cars included. Now, thousands of victims of this disaster have neither the funds nor the credit to replace their useless vehicles. Displaced throughout the USA and without transportation, the needs of these evacuees continue to grow even as government, aid and news leaders turn their attention and resources to other matters.

Although there are limits to what any individual can do, each little step we make to help those in need has value. I've decided to focus my energies on providing victims with reliable and economical transportation, in other words, bicycles.

An abundance of used bikes simply go to waste in this country; yet, bikes are cheap to own, easy to maintain and pollution free. In most cases, putting an old bike to use again requires minimal costs in either time or materials. Recognizing this, grass roots, non-profit groups have been sprouting up around the country, recycling bikes to those in need.

Here's a webpage that describes how anyone can make a difference helping victims meet their transportation needs. The page includes links to community organizations that are accepting and refurbishing donor bikes for victims.

Help Victims recover from Katrina

Please help build this grass roots effort to recovery. Even if all that you do is forward this message to others or whether you decide to add a link to your blog, anything's better than doing nothing.

Larry Lagarde

Larry, my friend, you are amazing! ;-D

Following are some of the local community organizations currently accepting donor bikes for Katrina:

Austin Yellow Bike Project.

Texas Bike Coalition.

Chicago: Working Bikes Cooperative.

Denver: Derailer Bike Collective.

Pittsburgh, PA.: Free Ride.

Morgantown, WV.: Positive Spin.

My letter that I wrote to everyone in my links ( Calling All Cyclists! ), looking for stories like this, went virtually ignored, but that does not mean that cyclists are not doing anything.

It just means that some folks don't read, much less respond to, their e-mails, and/or they don't know what to make of little ol' me, and my Blog. ;-D


If you know of any organizations that are working to provide basic, reliable transportation to Hurricane Katrina victims ( besides those listed here ), tell me about their efforts so I can promote them here.

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