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November 26, 2005

Raging against Pavement Cyclists in Scarborough England

Regular readers know my thoughts about people who prefer to ride their bikes on the sidewalk.

If the law says it's fine, then go right ahead, but that won't make the practice any safer for you, pedestrians, or the car drivers going in, and out of, drive-ways.

You are far safer on the street, whether that street also has a Bike lane, or not.

Here's a letter, in Scarborough Today, that shows that concern over Sidewalk Cyclists is universal:


When is something going to be done about a major menace which seems to be endemic in our town? I am referring to the habit many cyclists have, of riding their cycles on the pavement.

I have no problem with small children riding on the pavement, as they have done since our roads became too busy to be safe, but it is stretching the point when many of the offenders are middle-aged men.

I understand that most of them take to the pavements as they fear for their safety on the roads, but is it fair to respond to this fear by instilling the same fear in pedestrians?

Very rarely a day goes by without me having to take evasive action from cyclists, often several times, during the course of the day.

On two occasions, in the last month I have been struck by pavement cyclists in Falsgrave and on one occasion the cyclist concerned had the audacity to verbally abuse me for 'not looking where I was going'!

I have contacted the police regarding this problem and they assure me that they do take action against pavement cyclists, but I see little evidence to corroborate this.

Until they begin to take formal action against people riding on the pavement cyclists will continue to make pedestrians' lives hell.

Following on from this, isn't it also time that cyclists were made to carry insurance?

If one of these characters clatters into me and breaks my leg who will compensate me for the time I spend off work, unless the cyclist
carries cover?

Richard Pearson
Londesborough Road

26 October 2005

Interesting point about Insurance.

How many cyclists even THINK about the need for it in case of a collision?

Is such a thing done, or legal, anywhwere?

What about the cost involved?

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