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December 02, 2005

Helen of Santa Monica Spreading Cycling since 1936

Amongst the Elders in the world of Bike Shops there is at least one Beautiful Woman among all the Men.

She is Helen's Cycles ( "It's Bicycle Heaven!" ) in the city of Santa Monica, Ca.

The main store, and its companions, that have sprouted up as the business has grown over the decades, has been "Taking Good Care of People, and their Bikes, Since 1936."

Sadly, the Website only briefly touches on its long, illustrious, history, in the closing paragraph of the Company "Statement of Purpose" on its About Page.

Helen’s Cycles was created in 1936 by Helen and Ted Throckmarton. They built the Santa Monica Broadway location in mid 1960. The current owner Duane and Karen Stier purchased this location in 1975. The other Helen’s stores were purchased on the following years in an effort of being the market leader in Southern California.

That's it. Period.

Very disappointing.

The rest of the website is geared to selling products, and promoting the  5 Cycling Teams ( 4 with the Helen's name ), and 1 Club, the company supports.

I find it interesting that the webiste has a page promoting the 36 year old Westside Cycling Club called Velo Club La Grange but has no link to its Website.

That club, BTW, has a sense of its history, and has plans in the works to showcase that on its site.

In addition to a Hot Deals Dept, there are 8 other Depts. devoted to bikes, components, clothing, and accessories.

Each is full of links to pages devoted to various products.

The best thing on the site is a collection of articles under the heading of "Helpful Hints, and Great Ideas".

These provide useful advice, and tips, for choosing the right products, from Bikes to Socks.

Extremely disappointing is the complete lack of a collection of links, of any type, to any of the many resources found on the internet, and except for just mentioning, though not linking to, Velo, no mention of the Activist organizations, and many Clubs, found not only in Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County, but in its own backyard.

As the About Page says...

Helen’s Cycles is an organization that was created for the express purpose of being the market leader in Southern California....

cycling has become the fastest growing sports market in the country....

Helen’s Cycles will utilize professional marketing and management techniques as well as documented systems and modern store design and apply it to the retail bicycle business....

This philosophy is NOT very customer friendly in a very important area: The lack of useful links to help their customers find info on cycling, including places to ride, and organizations to join.

If this serious lack is made up for by displays at their stores, that's fine, and to be commended, but how about catering to folks with computers?

Visit Helen's Cycles.

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