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December 01, 2005

Pomona Valley Cyclists Wearing Coates Since 1934

I grew up in the Pomona Valley, and the Inland Empire, east of Los Angeles all my life, and only moved away in 2003.

The bike shop of preference for me, for 20 years, was Coates Cyclery of Pomona, Ca.

While I didn't know the names of the employees, and only met the owner a few times, in the course of making a purchase, I was pleased with the service they provided, and the products they sell.

In updating my links to the Elder Statesmen I learned that Coates finally has its own website, and updated the link accordingly.

It's time to check the place out.

Established in 1934, Coates Bicycles has a long history of offering great customer service and repair for any make of bicycle. With over 6000 square feet of space for bicycles and accessories, Coates is the largest independent bicycle shop in the Inland Empire. Personalized service is our specialty, whether it's a tube repair or a new bike purchase the Coates staff is here to help. Customer satisfaction is always at the top of our list, along with top quality bicycles and accessories. We cater to the recreational, sport and family rider as well as the racing enthusiast.

That's IT???

That's ALL they have to say, or show, about their glorious history in the community?

Well, no, not quite: The website DOES feature their famous Neon Sign in all its lighted glory.

I hope that someday, someone comes along and puts more into that aspect of company promotion.

Show some pride!

As for the rest of the site...

There is a lot to recommend it.

The front page highlights New in store items, and current specials, including a link to a page of printable coupons, and a weekly, Customer Appreciation Ride, of 16 -25 miles on Sunday mornings.

For customes wondering if the shop is right for them, there is a page called The Coates Cyclery Advantage that details 9 reasons to shop there, and is quite informative, and helpful.

On a page about accessories they list 47, and give a 1 sentence explanation about why you want it, and/or why you need it that is comprehensive, and to the point.

One really cool, and useful, dept. is the FREE CLASSIFIEDS section.

Here, cyclists can find, and sell, used gear in 10 categories:

Apparrel, Accessories, Bicycles, Bike Frames, BMX Gear, Child Carriers, Collectables, Components, Fitness Equipment, Other Cool Stuff.

The Links Page has a useful collection of 17 links under Advocacy, and Organizations, and a few dozen Industry Suppliers.

Overall this site is a good one, and could be a great one if they decide to display some pride in their history.

They have long time employees, they have generations of customers from the same family, they have old photos, and Ads, I'm sure, and probably other things to share, not to mention stories, so here's hoping they decide to share some of that on their site.

Free Registration is required to place Ads, and apparently either this is a new service, or no-one knows about it because there are no Ads at all.

Visit Coates Cyclery.

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