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December 18, 2005

The way to a great life is to ride a bicycle

12/17/05 -- From Robert Damora, of Texas:

Dear cyclists:

While spending a quiet Saturday night. and looking throughout the Internet for information, (or people) regarding cycling, I just discovered this blog.

I am a new resident to Texas (I recently moved here from Arizona) and I've been re - energized by the accomplishments I made as a result of cycling.

Using the old phrase, "Cycling has been very, very good to me", cycling has given me a new, and healthy body.

Here's why....

Back in late Sept 2005 I went to my doctor for a physical exam. After a short examination, his nurse took some of my blood in order to check my cholesterol level.

After one week, I went back to him to get the result of my blood test. He told me my cholesterol was too high; about 275. And, I was overweight. I weighed 270 lbs. He placed me on a 40 - grams - a - day low fat diet. Also, he threw in a statin drug to help lower my cholesterol.

"If you want to live longer, you need to lower your weight, and your cholesterol."

So I dusted off my Gary Fisher MTB, and began riding.

By riding with my daughters I kept up the regime for ten weeks, the time he gave me to drop my weight, and see if my cholesterol would drop.

Four days after I began taking the statin drug, I was getting sore. He told me to stop taking the drug. Ten weeks later I went back to him to have more blood taken in order to check my cholesterol level.

On the following week I went back to him. My weight dropped 10 pounds, and my cholesterol dropped to 138. He, and I, were surprised, and impressed.

While cycling has given me the results I've needed, I have found myself telling people that the way to a great life is to ride a bicycle.

Now, if I can only get my wife to ride the old bike I fixed up for her.

Another finder of religion, heh, heh. ;-D

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