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January 31, 2006

Angry Coloradoan suggests Cyclists pay taxes

Oh, and be "restricted to the lesser-traveled side roads" in his city and, I presume, the state in general.

The city wants to keep 18 wheelers (whose road taxes contribute to state highway repair) out of town, yet want to make motorist share lanes on a busy highway with bikes (who pay no road tax).

I think that the bikes need to be restricted to the lesser-traveled side roads. If bikes are to share the road with motor vehicles, how about use taxes through bike plates, operator licenses (with written and biking tests), bike insurance and stricter legal enforcement.

The bicyclists in this town are presently out of control, running stop signs, stop lights, ignoring lane usage, improper turns and reckless operation of the bike. From what I am seeing, Fort Collins and the state of Colorado are the leaders in wasting gasoline due to the fact that bikes are presently allowed to impede traffic and with the new “Sharrows,” will be encouraged to further do so.

COLORADOAN.COM ( 1/8 ): Bicyclists should pay taxes by Curt Groen, of Ft. Collins.

So, Ft. Collins community of cyclists are ALL a bunch of reckless riders, eh?

I love it when Anti-Bike Motorists make sweeping generalizations.

Maybe tossing them in a room with their Anti-Car compatriots, each fitted with Boxing Gloves, for a Winner Take All match, on pay per view, can raise money for Education Initiatives for all who share the road.

Just a Thought. ;-D

***UPDATE - 3/11 ***

Curt Groen responds!


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It sounds like there must be lots of bikes riding around in Ft Collins, excellent!
Motorists always become self-righteous once they start to see cyclists disobeyng the road rules and feel they have a duty to tell everyone about the wicked cyclists. It never occurs to them to count the number of cars they see doing the same thing (running red lights, stop signs etc). This must be because all motorists are law-abiding citizens, they never speed, never drink and drive, and are always courteous on the road.

Posted by: pedaller | Jan 31, 2006 2:18:23 PM

Yeah, we've been talking about Mr. Groen here in the Centennial State quite a bit lately. What a bozo.

Posted by: Fritz | Jan 31, 2006 5:48:03 PM

Good Point Pedaller.

Now, Now, Fritz, I grew up watching Bozo on TV in the 60's, and this guy ain't no....

Oh, wait, wrong Bozo!


I agree with you 100%! ;-D

Posted by: Kiril Kundurazieff | Feb 1, 2006 1:57:25 AM

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