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February 17, 2006

British Cycling Group still Pedalling

After writing this article, on the 15th, I wrote the office of the Chairman of the UK House of Commons: All-Party Parliamentary CYCLING Group to let her know of my findings, and about The Cycling Dude.

I received a prompt response that was at once an update, and a tad frustrating:

Dear Kiril,

Emily's website with information on the APPCG is here. Click under 'campaigns' see information on cycling.

The official register entry is here.

All Party groups need to be re-registered after a general election and
this might explain why the old link does not work.

All the best,

Omar Salem
Researcher to Emily Thornberry MP
Islington South, and Finsbury

None of the above address the question of why the old Links have yet to be Updated by her Office.

My reply to this was sent to Omar's e-mail, and I've yet to hear back.

Dear Omar,

Thank you so much for your reply, and the info about the new link.

As I mentioned on my Blog The Link listed on Her Website is inaccurate, and in need of updating to the new one for the Official Site that you have given me.

The same link is used in her notice for someone to fill a Job in the Group.

Anyone looking for the Group website, and its info, will have the same problem I described when they go to her site, and the sites of the other Officers, until you make corrections.

Also they might not even bother doing THAT if they saw the listing I did that said that only Groups with an Asterisk next to their name were newly re-registered, and thus still active.

Your group did not have such a mark.

I will update my link, and post an update report on my Blog.

Sincerely yours,


This experience has shown me the importance of doing an investigative series on not just the UK Cycling Group, but the Congressional Bicycle Caucus here in the US.

Do the members have active links to their Group List?

Do the members have ANYTHING on their sites about cycling, and cycling issues?

How many members actually DO Bicycle?

I DID discover, this morning, that there IS an updated link to a list of ACTIVE Parliamentary Groups ( As of 2/10/06 ) that lists the new website for the Cycling Group.

Due to my Eye Surgery next week I will have a month full of free time, and figure that now is as good a time as any to begin this project.

Stay tuned! ;-D

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