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February 11, 2006

Tour de Bicycling Blogs 2

Ladies, and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Cyclists, and non-cyclists!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of The Tour de Bicycling Blogs!

Do U Bicycle?

There are a growing number Bloggers with sites dedicated to the proposition that bike riding is good for you and fun.

In various ways we all provide commentary, and opinion, reports about events, and news, write reviews, stories, and travelogues, share photographs, and spread the word about the wide variety of websites of interest to anyone who rides a bike.

BikeBloggers spread the word, and the word is BICYCLE!

This Edtion showcases January 2006 posts, ( And a couple of 2005 entries ).

This series is about bicycling, and bicyclists, and is open to all types of cyclists, and even to Bloggers who are NOT BikeBloggers but have written a post on bicycling that would be of interest, and wish to share it with a wider audience.

Expect to read my own thoughts about some, or all, of the submitted entries.

To learn more about the Tour begin here.

Let's saddle up, and ride!


1. The Blog Fearless Gearless is a continually changing and evolving community of hard ass single speeder and fixed gear freaks. Its all riding, living and drinking in a handy a one gear format.

One of the contributors is someone nicknamed Wonder Weasel, and the Weasel submits an open letter to "all the wannabe racer-commuters in Vancouver".

He thinks they SUCK. ;-D

You know who you are. You are the ones who have a freak if anyone passes you and quickly have to pass back only to run out of energy shortly so that you get passed again. This travesty then gets repeated however many times your pride will allow.

The tale of his encounter with another cyclist is an absolutely hilarious story.

Read: The Jack Rabbit Syndrome.

2. BikeBloggers are an imaginative bunch, and it shows not just in the subjects they write about, but in the ways they choose to write, and even in the ways they choose to show something.

I write Bike Fiction, and Poetry ( My Archive includes 1 story, and 5 poems so far ), and so do others.

Many display photographs.

Ian, of the British Blog 2 Wheels Good, has taken the next step, and "decided to start doing video reports on my blogs."

The first, a visit to a scheme that rebuilds abandoned bikes in Manchester is an interesting piece that could have been a little better with audio that allowed you to understand the guy being interviewed more clearly.

Ride Manchester have a workshop where they rescue and rebuild abandoned bikes for sale. They also allow you to build your own bike, if you have the time and inclination.

If you have Quicktime you can watch the Ride Manchester Video Blog.

3. Drew, of Commute-A-Blog, is the Cape Cod Cyclist, and in addition to his Blog has seperate pages worth your time:

Whereever I go, there's my Bicycle is a page dedicated to "Encouraging Daily Bicycle Use for Recreation, Commuting and Travel"

Cape Cod Cyclists' Escape: All about cycling in  Cape Cod.

Drew recently just discovered the Dude and submitted links to stories he wrote in 2005 as well as in January.

Considering that this edition of the Tour would have been, um, light, until he came along, I decided to plug his sites, AND share all his submitted pieces, except the February one ( Next month! ), as well.

A. Excuses for not Bicycle-Commuting on Cape Cod is a funny piece worth the time to click the included links.

B. I'll let Drew introduce his next piece:

Unfortunately, this story illustrates just how little the law can do to protect us from people who have no regard for it. It is also a good lesson in the importance of bicycle helmets (it is the law for children). I have read no mention in news articles as to whether the victim of this tragedy was wearing a helmet. The point is not to blame the victim, but it would be educational to all of us- especially those who do not insist their children wear them.

Read: Repeat offenders go unpunished.

C. Using his iMac Drew creates an amusing Comic Strip.

4. MY 1st contribution is a piece about 2 of the most unusual and, for some, grueling annual Cycling events in the United States:

Fargo X 13 in Pittsburg.

5. My 2nd contribution involves an essay i wrote in response to a comment to an older piece of mine by an angry Motorist.

Angry Motorist rages at Dude.


None this Month, but I know y'all are out there because I find you on my own!

I hope that you not only enjoyed the stories shared here, but learned some things along the way, including that there is a whole Niche of Blogging out there that you may not have been aware of.

If you like what you see, then spread the word...

About the Tour, about this Blog, about the other Blogs you have been introduced to ( including the Non-BikeBloggers ), and the amazing collection of cycling resources we have brought, and will continue to bring, to our readers attention.

Happy Cycling!

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Cool. Thanks for the mention.


Posted by: Ian | Feb 11, 2006 4:04:05 AM

We found out about the carnivel from over at Pseudo Poly Math and put a post and link up, hopeful some will come by.


Posted by: Frank | Feb 14, 2006 1:37:01 PM

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