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February 12, 2006

Velomobile is a practical all weather, human powered, vehicle

..... Or so its creators, and riders claim.

Brian Ball, of Wired News wrote a piece about this contraption recently that is quite interesting.

It's January and very cold in most of the northern hemisphere, but some innovative and persistent cyclists have found a way to keep pedaling even in the foulest weather.

The human-powered vehicles they employ are called velomobiles -- fully enclosed recumbent bicycles that usually have three wheels, a chair-like seat and a standard bicycle drivetrain. The modern velomobile is the closest that anyone has come to building a truly practical all-weather, human-powered vehicle.

These vaguely egg-shaped vehicles may never become a common sight on the world's roadways, but with increasing gas prices and never-ending gridlock, short-distance commuters are starting to take them more seriously.

Apparently we can blame the French for the idea. ;-D

Velomobile riders are capable of cruising at speeds of around 30 mph on flat ground thanks to the aerodynamics of these vehicles, but they often find that other factors tend to slow them down.

1.  Velomobiling.net.

2. Quest.

3. Versatile.

4. Velomobile USA.

5. Go-One.

Read the full piece here.

James, of Bicycle Design, has more on the subject, including a piece on a homemade version.

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I would love to have a cab bike, but there are no U.S. dealers.

I did find one in Montana, but the bike is $7000.00 and they want half down to begin the production of the bike, and the other half to ship it to you, then there would be the shipping costs.

Then, there is the German dealer who want $10,000.00 + $2000.00 to ship it.

Can anyone tell me where I could get one in the U.S.(CLOSE TO OHIO)that might offer financing since these things are so expensive?

Posted by: Joyce | Aug 28, 2008 5:07:49 PM

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