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May 01, 2006

Are There Laws about Chaining Bikes to Meters, Posts, and Trees?

All right all y'all Happy Cyclists!

This morning I received an e-mail from a cog ( Just WHAT cog he didn't say, and it was a Google Search for U.S. Bicycle Law that brought him to the Dude ) in the machinery of the Miami Beach, Florida, Gubmint. ;-D

Are there cities / municipalities that prohibit the chaining of bikes to parking meters, sign posts and  / or trees?

Anyone have a clue in your particular community?

***UPDATE - 915am***

A further Inquiry, this morning, of the Cog, got this response:

Hi Kiril!   

The City is interested in placing some hundreds, if not thousands, of bike racks throughout Miami Beach. 

This in part because of a dangerous, unsightly, and nearly out of control situation of bike owners chaining bikes to just about anything throughout the City.

Pedestrians in some areas are prevented from walking on some sidewalks because of the chained bikes.

Sooooo, therefore.....the City will probably place free, easy-to-use and secure bike racks throughout the area. 

We were just interested to know if some cities prohibit the chaining of bikes and wanted to examine to what extent (by reading it's code book).   


Maybe I should have titled this piece:

Miami Beach desperate to reign in out of control cyclists!

With a subtitle: "They are chaining bikes to anything in sight!", says City Official.

Seriously, though, this IS a serious issue.

It is good to see a city showing interest in this issue.

It IS dangerous, and unsightly.

Part of the blame, though, belongs to businesses, and even Govt. Officials, because many don't see the value in the extra expense of putting up a bike rack at their establishments, or around town.

Hell, many businesses, and I imagine Govt. Agencies, too, do not even provide accomodations for their EMPLOYEES who bike commute to, and from, work.

Yesterday I talked with a female Latino employee of a Del Taco, in Orange, Ca..

She told me that she had her recently restored, and refurbished, old bike stolen from work because she had no place to safely store it where someone with bolt cutters could not steal it.

Her Manager denied her request to store the bike inside a storage room.


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I don't find bicycles chained to fences or poles any more offensive to the eye than cars parked on a kerbside or in an unsightly parking lot. The chained bicycles may impede pedestrians a little but I suspect parked cars impede traffic flow more.
Councils in Australia are supplying more bicycle parking in general, but not necessarily where it is needed. And this does lead to the vexed issue of bike thieves then knowing exactly where to go to steal a bike.

Posted by: pedaller | May 1, 2006 3:13:31 PM

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