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May 23, 2006

Will My Bike Ever Forgive Me?

More to the heart of the matter, will my FEET ever forgive me?

I've been too pooped to post the last few days because I was involved in a competition at work that led me to forsake riding my bike during Ride to Work Week. ;-D

A Supervisor picked this past week to have a contest at work that was intended to get folks off their asses, and exercising, and engender a little cameraderie.

We have a parking lot that, when you walk 5 laps around it you will have walked a mile.

From Sunday to Saturday whoever walked the most laps would win a portable DVD Player.

Anyone who walked 20 laps would be entered in drawings for 2 other cool prizes.

By Thursday  only 3 people were left in contention for the top prize:

A 60 year old Caucasian Woman.

A 20-Something African-American Woman.

A 46 year old White Guy who normally bikes to work, and writes a BikeBlog.

Look, I hadn't planned on winning this thing, honestly, but by Thursday I realized that I could easily do just that, and in fact should, and so pulled out all the stops.

I had not come in on my days off like the 2 Ladies, but had come in an hour or so early, and stayed the same late each day.

The 2 ladies were not being honest in their counts, and were trying to avoid posting their scores before me, even though they left for home each day before me.

I decided that they needed to be taught a lesson in what the Honor System really meant.

I came in 2 hours early on Friday, and 6 hours early on the last day, and did not post my scores until late Sunday, forcing 1 competitor to not only post her scores, but post a last day score half what she's posted the previous day ( Still not honest, though ).

It was clear to all who won, and even to a few, I learned, what I had suspected.

I walked 517 laps in 19 hours over 6 days, and won by 98 laps. ;-D

With 3 Blisters my feet are terribly put out with me, and with a nifty matching red coloring, from Saturday, my lower legs are REALLY burrning with annoyance as well. ;-D

Mr. Excitement's Neighborhood screamed at me parts of both last 2 days, especially as I hobbled that last afternoon, and evening, through the finishing laps. ;-D

In situations like this you later learn that "Aloe Gel is your friend!". ;-D

Anyway I'm going to be getting back in the saddle later this week, and just trust that the bike doesn't get a flat in revenge for my forsaking it for more than a week. ;-D

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Did your employer hand out pedometers? How many miles did you end up walking in this contest?

I discovered a while ago that biking is usually much easier than walking :-)

Posted by: Fritz | May 23, 2006 7:57:27 PM

No Pedometers. ;-D

I did find out that a while back someone DID use one to learn how many laps it took to go a mile.

The answer was 5 on the longer, outside, lap. ;-D

You do the Math, I'm too tired. ;-D

Posted by: Kiril Kundurazieff | May 25, 2006 2:34:02 AM

Holy Moly!6 hours of laps around yoru parking lot! I admire your tenacity.

Great blog, by the way.

Posted by: Alyson Wilson | May 26, 2006 6:13:09 PM

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