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May 28, 2006

Witnessing, Helping, Evangelizing, Encouraging, and Loving

The Wheel Power Christian Cyclists are a national community of cyclists who feel that cycling allows them to "Pedal Our Way to Eternal Rewards!"

Begun in 1993  the US based bicycling ministry has a mission for its nonprofit, nondenominational, faith ministry that it explains here.

A Vermont newspaper recently did a story on the founder:

For active evangelical Christians, a bicycle is the perfect missionary vehicle. Not only can cyclists appreciate what they see as God's gift of their strong bodies and the landscapes they pedal through, they also come into contact with hundreds of people along the way with whom they can share the Christian message.

Unlike traveling by car or bus, traveling by bicycle makes the missionaries approachable. They can start conversations about faith with people they pass on the road or stand in line with at grocery stores....

The community of cyclists provides moral and spiritual support for one another as they ride, whether on a five-day trip across Virginia or a three-month journey from the West to East Coast....

Wheel Power participants sign a statement of faith and receive training in how to share their faith with others. "Witnessing is just talking to someone and saying, 'Hey, God loves you,'" Bowman said. Wheel Power counts more than 18,600 witnessings on their trips between 1994 and 2004....

The number of Wheel Power participants has steadily grown, from 16 on the first trip across America in 1994 to 86 on the most recent one in 2004. The next cross-country trip is planned for 2007. Meanwhile, to include more people, the organization has added shorter trips across states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Now when people see Wheel Power cyclists and ask who they are and where they are going, Bowman and her fellow missionaries share their beliefs in their answers.

"Why are we here?" Bowman said. "I think it's to bring glory to God and bless others and enjoy every day of this life he's given us to live with meaning and purpose."

Full Times Argus Story is here.

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