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June 17, 2006


Sorting thru those old route slips has brought back a flood of memories.

Riding the 3 miles or so from my house in Pomona to Boneli Park, and then around Puddingstone Lake, before heading back home became a regular occurance for me in the mid 90's.

I remember the squirrels, playing chicken with us cyclists, with amusement to this day. ;-D

I used to ride into San Dimas Canyon, and up to the Dam, and back down, then up into a hillside section of San Dimas that took me to a wonderful downhill back down to Baseline Ave.

Looking at the the old route slips I noticed that there were a few that I actually did, and marked down the miles.

I rememer riding from Claremont to San Bernardino on which I husgged streets just below the foothills, and then went up old Cajon Blvd to Devore before heading west again, after "Eating at Joe's", to my Uncles house in Fontana.

There is a small mountain range, a collection of hills really, that seperates Fontana from Riverside, and I once rode completely around the base of it, culminating in an excruciating climb up Sierra Ave from Riverside County back into San Bernardino County.

I once rode from Ontario Mills Mall the 46 miles or so south, through the Cow Country of Chino, into Riverside County, past Corona, all the way to, and around, Lake Elsinore.

I caught the last bus to Riverside only to learn that the bus I wanted to catch there, for some reason didn't have a bike rack, and so I had to rtake a different route, and ride another 18 miles to get home again.

I rode from Pasadena to Pomona, and Pasadena to Whittier.

I took the Metrolink Train to Santa Clarita so I could ride from there to Pasadena, mostly on Foothill Blvd, after a nifty ride through a pass on the Old Road that paralled the 5 freeway.

I rode my bike from Pomona, thru Chino Hills, thru Carbon Canyon, and Yorba Linda to ride the Santa Ana River Bike Trail for the 1st time, all the way to Newport Beach.

On a Mountain Bike.

Damn I was tired! ;-D

I rode a mountain bike for my 1st ride on the San Gabriel River, and Rio Hondo Trails, and my 1st excursion up into the San Gabriels on Highway 39, as well.

I rode the Bike Ride that occurs before each LA Marathon, twice, and thus was introduced to a Critical Mass of riders that truly boggles the mind.

No politcal antics here, just individuals, and families, out for a good time.

I remember riding a tour of the city of LA, with hundreds of cyclists chaparoned by cops on Bikes, and a police car out in front as pace car, all to raise money for a cause.

I rode around Griffith Park for the 1st time on another such tour of the city as part of the annual Bike Expo.

I rode in the disasterous Critical Mass at the 2000 Democratic Convention in LA, and barely escaped being arrested.

It was a while after this that I bought my current Trusty Steed.

I have done a lot of cycling in the past decade, and taken  many photos to record my adventures.

I look forward to many more years of doing both. ;-D

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Nice blog. I need to do more long distance california bike rides :)

Posted by: ryan kulla | Jun 17, 2006 4:50:02 PM

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