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June 13, 2006

Spinning Wheels for Cycling Down Under

I received an e-mail yesterday:


Just letting you know about the Wheels of Justice group.

WoJ are an Australian 'grassroots' cyclist organisation involved with changing negative attitudes and working towards positive outcomes for all road users.

Our website has been developed with that focus in mind; to create access to information that can be easily utilised to educate yourself and create greater awareness about vitally important issues encountered by all cyclists who share the roads with vehicles.

We warmly welcome any feedback and you may have, and also welcome any contributions you would like to see on the site.

For more on our group please visit our website.

cheers ;)

After visiting the site, and learning more about their origins, and purpose, I've added it to the Blogroll.

The collection of resources is extensive, and informative, and there is much that will be of interest, and of use, to non-Australian cyclists.

The Blogging is exceptional.

3 recent examples:

1. A campaign gets started:

The Victorian TAC Road Safety site has sections relating to Parents, Schools, Older Drivers, Motorcyclists and Fleet. Virtually all the bicycle relevant information on this site relates to parents instructing their children riding bikes. Now cyclists are legally road traffic, refer to our Australian Road Authorities and Bicycle Rules page.

Cyclists (unfortunately) have their own category on the daily Road stats. Now the simple point that needs to be made is that cyclists do require their own section on the TAC Road Safety site. This would be a one-stop shop for all of TAC’s cycling information and clear a lot of misinformation and confusion people encounter when dealing with road incidents.

Get cycling on the agenda: TAC Road Safety site.

2. Proof positive that Media Types, here in the former British Colonies, are not the only ones prone to saying stupid things on the subject of cycling, and bicyclists:

The  mp3 is from Channel Nine’s “The Footy Show”, on May 25th 2006. It’s from about the 58min mark, and we’ll kindly spare you the visuals. There’s nothing wrong with a joke or the occasional off-colour remark, but these comments from Mr S. Newman are beyond the pale. As far as we know, no apology was offered during or after the show.

Unsporting behaviour?

3. A thought provoking interview with one of Victorias top police officers. Note the change in attitude towards policing road issues, his dislike of the term “accident” and yes, Noel is a keen cyclist.

The Age: Encounter – Driving the issue home: Ian Munro speaks to Noel Ashby

Pay the Blokes down under a visit. ;-D

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