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July 29, 2006

Oh, Behave!

The scenic, 469 mile long,  Blue Ridge Parkway , in North Carolina, is a popular destination for cyclists, especially once the Summer begins after Memorial Day, and Park Rangers are asking all parkway users to practice road "etiquette".

The idea might sound corny, but Blue Ridge Parkway district ranger Tim Francis doesn’t care, as long as it will help save lives and limbs this weekend.

“‘Parkway etiquette’ is a term I’d like to see used,” Francis said. “We’re looking at a ‘share the road’ idea — etiquette between bicyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicle users.

We’re trying to promote a share-and-be-nice-to-each-other type of environment. A lot of people feel the parkway is there for them and for nobody else.”

Accident numbers, though in the hundreds each year, have gone down each of the last few years.

“Bicycle use is up on the parkway — it’s something we like to see,” said parkway Chief Ranger John Garrison. “But they are obligated to obey the speed limit and the same regulations as motor vehicles.”

The route is very popular, and so a Safety Program will be implemented this summer to educate Parkway users.

The article includes a list of safe cycling tips by the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club.

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES ( 5/27 ): Rangers ask all parkway users to practice road "etiquette" by Karen Chavez.

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